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Video ♥: HeyDoYou x Fall Home Show 2010

Some video love for your viewing pleasure my lovelies!
I had such a fun time at the Fall Home Show, and I have a funny feeling I didn’t even get all the goodness that was there. Thank you so much to GCI Canada, as well as all the exhibitors that let me film them and their products.
Toronto Debut of Decor(k)

Fall Home Show pt 2

Fall Home Show pt 3

Fall Home Show pt 4

I can’t wait till spring for the next Home Show!! Woot woot!
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Official Ken

This marketing campaign for Ken dolls really hits the spot. Whoever is running the Ken Facebook is dope.  Here is the jist. Ken and Barbie broke up 7 years ago. Now he is out and about, single ready to mingle.  He will become a cultural icon just like Barbie is.

Here is the latest post
Ken Dressed to impress: Wayfarers, Air Force Ones and a plain white T. Simple does it – trust me.

🙂  *thumbs way up*

(photos via @theshoegirl)

You can follow Ken Carson from Malibu, CA on Twitter

This is so funny. Every girl grows up with the Barbie fantasy – endless amounts of clothes, shoes, handbags and styles. Perfect body and no brain under all that pretty long hair.  And then they have Ken, the equally ‘perfect’ boo that dress sharp, has no beer belly and never wants to watch football instead of shopping with you.  Do you dream about cruising down the PCH with Ken in your hot pink convertible? 
Does it surprise you that I don’t?  I never have…  I don’t want a Ken doll cuz I don’t want to be Barbie.

I had an interesting conversation with my beau du jour yesterday.  He told me to stop thinking so much about the future and where it’s all going and for me to chill out and just really enjoy the moment. This has really always been an issue for me because I am a future oriented person who constantly lives 5 years in advance. The remedy? Blogging… At least I can document what is happening in this whirlwind life of mine. 

Twitter is really interesting because it makes people like me really work my imagination. You judge someone by what they say and what they wonder. Ever question is really the answer. So do I want to endlessly analyze every cryptic Tweet he posts once a blue moon? 

“how many times can this break before it doesn’t work no more?”

Or do I want to follow Ken who Tweets:

“No matter how eager you are, never pick up the phone on the first ring when a girl calls you back. #kentips”

Maybe the mysterious ice box emotionally challenged men are really all Ken dolls inside. Deep inside. Maybe they are not. Maybe Ken would become that guy after Barbie cheats on him with his squash partner, takes the ring, leaves him standing at the alter and changes her mind. Then maybe I will want to be with him after Barbie did her number on his heart under the perfect plastic chiseled chest?

I didn’t even make the connection until I saw this post and I realized that Ken and the Icebox dude are actually the SAME guy.
                       Ken:  Look sharp…the dolls will follow.
                       My beau: Just be a nice guy and never chase em. They will come.
 With all the battle wounds of the love war, the lies, the disappointment, the betrayals.. and then STILL choose to love again? (because he knows im worth it!) After all that?  I want that Ken doll. Where do I find him?

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CK One


Warnaco to Produce New International Offering Inspired by Popular and Iconic Legacy of Unisex Fragrance Brand’s Campaigns & Attitude Calvin Klein, Inc., along with Calvin Klein Fragrances, a unit of Coty Prestige, and Warnaco Inc. [NYSE: WRC], which owns and operates Calvin Klein Underwear and is the global licensee for Calvin Klein Jeans and Swimwear, today announced that Warnaco will launch a new lifestyle brand of contemporary men’s and women’s jeanswear, underwear, and swimwear under the existing fragrance brand name ‘ck one.’ This new apparel line will take inspiration from the globally recognized ck one unisex fragrance brand and will be supported by a new global marketing and advertising campaign.

The ck one Spring 2011 offering will be available at retail in January 2011. It is planned that these new lines will be available in Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Underwear and Calvin Klein Jeans retail stores, as well as major department and specialty stores around the world. The new offerings have already received a very positive reaction from retailers.
The introduction of a synergistic ck one offering represents a significant move to engage and cultivate a younger, fashion-conscious male and female consumer.

Since its successful global launch in 1994, the ck one brand’s fragrance and compelling advertising campaigns have been recognized for their emotional, youthful connection and spirit of individuality and freedom. The product, branding, and innovative packaging for these new apparel lines have each been considered and designed to be in keeping with the energy of the ck one fragrance brand.

For more information, visit

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