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Pics ♥: iModel EXPO sneak peek!

The weather was cold and crappy, but it was H-O-T in the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel; where the iModel Expo took place. The men were going CRAZY. Lol.

Thank you to everyone that came out and supported these ladies 🙂
Thank you so much to Ford Publicity for inviting me!

More pics and Video coming soon 🙂

peace and blessings,
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Lashem Measurable Difference Lash Gel

Big Lashes are a Big Deal!  Everywhere you go,celebs are batting their lashes at you and they are not just for Halloween anymore.  In Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, it has always been a big deal and everyone always wore lashes. The crazy has now really hit North America!

Lashem is the only lash gel that is 97% natural with a cocktail of ingredients you can pronounce and eat! Cucumber, gogi berry, cranberry, green tea, grapeseed extract, wheat protein etc.. The 3% that is not natural is the necessary preservatives so that the formula remains stable and does not mold.

After seeing it at Miss Universe, Emmy Awards, Toronto International Film Fest and various parties and blogs, I knew this product was legit. I have been using it!  So far I have seen my lashes curl more than lengthen but it has only been 1 week. I keep forgeting to put it on but it by my contact lens case now so that I remember  to do it before I go to bed.  I wanted to try these products and have seen prices all across the board. Lashem retails for $49.99 so it’s equal to 3 bad movies.. and I have seen 3 bad movies already ha ha…  You can wear false lashes all day everyday, but make sure you nourish and restore your natural ones too!

If you want to try it! Just go to or

Let me know what you think!

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Video ♥: HeyDoYou x Shop Socials

“Private events. Shopping Services and Exclusive discounts for the everyday socialite.”– Shop Socials
As you can see we had a BLAST!
This past week I did an interview with Tamika Auwai, CEO and Founder of Shop Socials, and oh-my-gosh, I heart her! Such a cheerful, driven and inspiring woman! I had such a blast getting to know her, as well as getting all the deets on Shop Socials; and now I’m sharing them with you! 
Watch the video!!
My Shop Socials Socialite Kit!! Thanks for this Tamika♥
Make sure you get your Socialite Card and say farewell to paying full price!

Tamika, I wish you all the best with Shop Socials and with everything else you do in your life! *kisses*
tweet her some L-O-V-E @shopsocials
peace and blessings
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