TIFF 2010: TdotTV x Hugo Boss x BMW Lounge

The city is still buzzing, as we are right in the middle of TIFF and LOVING it! I hit up the TdotTV/Hugo Boss BMW Lounge on Thursday, and I gotta say so far, I’m meeting some AWESOME people, and I’m not talking celebrities!!
Kelly and Greg!

Greg of Greg May Hair Architects was there making everyone’s hair look fabulous! Those of you that know me, know I’m a sucka for good hair care, so I had to talk to him! We got to do a mini interview, so make sure you look out for that coming soon. I asked him what his favorite thing about TIFF is, and he says the time he gets to spend with his wife Kelly. Yes I know, in unison now, aaaaawwwww ♥ 
(I’m a sucka for L-O-V-E)

Ilan you’re AMAZING!

After my one-on-one with Greg, I sat down on a comfy red couch and got pampered by Ilan of Mayavii Skincare, and oh my gosh; he is GREAT. Such an amazing personality, sooo passionate about what he does; we ended up talking forever while he let me try out some of the Mayavii  goodies! I also got to do a mini interview with him, so make sure you look out for that!

the gold mask…

Miss Sisi Penaloza of Woman.ca was there getting the gold mask treatment, and I wish you guys could’ve seen her skin after! I was so amazed I forgot to take a picture lol. But I have a video!!!!

swag bags! Shout outs to LASHEM!
Justin and I

Thanks to Maria from KarmaCake for being such a great host, I can’t wait for us to hang out again!! Thanks to Justin from TdotTV, and thank you to everyone that has made my TIFF 2010 so enjoyable!
peace n love
ps: Happy Birthday Maria 🙂
I have thee AWESOMEST  video footage for you guys! COMING SOON 🙂
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