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Event: Rick Klotz (Ottawa, Canada)

What a strange trip it’s been for Rick Klotz. In 1989, the Otis/Parsons design student set the world ablaze with a line of provacative graphic tees attached to the name Freshjive.

Two decades later, what began as a simple t-shirt line has expanded into a multi-million dollar enterprise with a devout following who now worship at the church that Klotz built.

On Friday September 24th, Rick Klotz will bring his roller coaster ride of a journey to clothing store Nrml (184 Rideau Street, Ottawa from 9-11pm).

He will be presenting a “21 year disfunctional history of my life with Freshjive exhibit, lecture and fanzine premiere”. This will be an intimate and interactive experinece with the iconic streetwear pioneer.

As every life is unique so is every story, so it would be a fallacy to say that any is more unique than the next, but sometimes that fallacy is hard to deny. Now in it’s 21st annum, Freshjive’s founder and creative ingénue Rick Klotz recounts some of the most interesting, funny and memorable personal experiences from his tenure with the ground breaking street culture brand.

“What a Long Strange Trip It’s Been” is presented as a gallery exhibit of visual memorabilia along with a lecture/discussion by Klotz and an accompanying fanzine. From crack head porn stars and celebrity standoffs to million dollar corporate law suits and the loss of his father, this time capsule provides a 21 chapter glimpse into a mind that has undoubtedly taken the road less travelled.*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*


Follow – @theShoeGirl

Pretty much as the dream life! Designing shoes for Betsey Johnson, Harajuku amongst others!  Celine Ouaknine-Soto is her name and strutting in heels is her passion, career and game…

Follow her on her amazing shoe adventures and live vicariously through her 500+ shoe collection. CLB’s on a regular!

“Most women prefer to trip to hell in high heels than to walk flat-heeled to heaven.”

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TIFF 2010: HeyDoYou x Diet Coke Social Media Influencer

So to continue the TIFF-ivities, Yvonne and I passed through the Diet Coke Social Media Influencer event; and we had so much FUN! You could tell by all the twit-pic-ing that went on that night, that we truly were having a blast! Bumped into lots of familiar faces, met some new people and loved them right away! It was awesome!
There was lots of food, an open bar (YEAH!), complimentary hair and make-up for the ladies, good people, lots of diet coke, and so much more stuff I’d love to mention; but you’d only be jealous 🙂 (I kid I kid… it’s true though he he he)
you guys did an awesome job taking care of us!

After some drinks, grubbing, and memory capturing (pictures lol), they loaded us into this big ass limo and took us over to the Elgin Theatre for the Visa Screening of, Route Irish. I think we caused quite a stir (a good one of course) while waiting to go inside the theatre lol, lots of laughing, hugging and picture taking!
I digress; Route Irish? Omg, such a good movie; even though it left me feeling pretty sad, it was VERY WELL made. Shines such a bright light on human greed… a definite must see.

Lil Miss Kai and The Diet Coke Limo! was HUGE!
pretty lady 🙂 cupcakes by OMG Baked Goodness!
swag bags!!!
nice seeing you again! you looked sooo cute!
cheesing!! ha ha ha
There was soo much food!! I had the plain fries of course!! lol
Claudia, Ally and Theresa: (I had so much fun with you ladies â™¥)
there was ALSO cotton candy! cutest in charge!
look who was there too!
Ms Duhlicious herself was there too â™¥
Limo L-O-V-E!
Meg and Yvonne!
“steal the spotlight one sip at a time”– Diet Coke 🙂

YOU MUST SEE the rest of the album!!

TIFF x DIET COKE Social Media Influencer

peace and love

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Fashion: Suspender Tights

I first saw faux suspender tights in the Japanese fashion magazine JJ. Then I saw it on Nebby’s Tumblr.

Then I saw them in NYC at TopShop.  What do you think? Yay or Nay?  I think these will be a must have for Fall!

You can see Miss Lydia Purple Cloth rocking the Wolford Fence Tights

Personally, i like to stick to classics like the sheer with the backseam…

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Video ♥: HeyDoYou x KHWs

I had an awesome time interviewing these guys! I also got to watch them perform… soooooo GOOD.
I love meeting talented people that are still so down to earth! There’s a huge amount of love and trust between these guys.. had me feeling like I wanted to be part of the band! lol (I’m down if you’re down lol)

Thanks again to Scott, Christian, Liam, John and Brian, you guys are AWESOME!


Even though I was exhausted, I wasn’t about to miss my very first Steam Whistle UNSIGNED last Friday night, and oh-my-g**! F **king AMAZING! Excuse my French, but I had chills running up my spine, goosebumps, everything, because the music was SO GOOD. The bands? Out of this world! I was on the verge of tears of joy a number of times during the performances. Don’t ask my why, all I know is that my soul was definitely very happy; hence the tears. My heart damn near exploded when Five Star Trailer Park performed, and don’t get me started on Rachel Hamilton and The Funnel Cakes. Ketch Harbour Wolves were the perfect ending to a very busy day!
Believe me when I tell you, we haven’t even come close to grasping just how MUCH talent there is in Canada. Let’s support each other, and let the world know!!!

Shout outs to Miss Betty Dang and AudioBlood Media for organizing everything!
Don’t forget to check out their website!
peace and blessings.
*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*