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Trend Fire Engine Red Hair

I did this when I was in high school with Fudge hair color from Australia. I liked it for a few days but when it washed out, it wasn’t as fun.

 What do you think? Would you do red?

If you want to try this at home. Bleach the hell out of your hair so it gets to about a yellow blonde – then use toner and take out all the yellow undertones so it becomes ash. Then put the red to work. There WILL be a mess in the bathroom. FYI … and all your towels will be ruined for the next 3 weeks.
This won’t work with your typical Loreal or box hair dyes.. You need to pull out the specialty dyes. Fudge Paint box and Manic Panic are the ones I recommend. You can get them at Beauty Supply and specialty stores.  Good luck!

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Zoom! with Dr Habermeyer

I went to my first dental visit in LA yesterday with Dr Habermeyer in Torrance…!  It was fun 🙂

See how my teeth are dull and not shiny?

He has been creating beautiful smiles in Torrance for the last 30 years and he really made me feel extremely comfortable!

When I was young, I had the whole 9 yards, braces, retainer, headgear you name it. I use and electric toothbrush and I love Tom’s Natural toothpaste.  Despite all my efforts and flossing, I still get cavities, still need root canals, still need to get my wisdom teeth out. 🙁 sad.

But check out the results of my Zoom! Whitening!  I did feel sensitive afterward but 2 Advils after I’m fine today!

See how white they are now!

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The Wedding Planner

Last month, my sister went to Hawaii for vacay and came back with one big rock and a slew of little ones.

Oh em Gee! Do I have a new job as the wedding planner now? How exciting!  I hope my sister doesnt become bridezilla…Here are a few thing that I would love to do…

1. Pick out a wedding dress! Ooo weee! This is going to be fun!

2. Signature fragrance

Vera Wang Anniversary of course! It’s a bouquet of florals and i love it!
White Gardenia, rose absolute, orange flowers.
stay tuned… 🙂

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Happy Birthday Taj!

I could not ask for a better friend to cheer me up when I am down… I could not ask for a more inspirational and wise mentor in my life… I could not ask for more of a gift than the gift of a true genuine friend. You showed me that love is a rainbow and I wish you nothing but the happiest birthday today! Your presence brings joy to everyone around you and on this day we celebrate you… the Black Lion!

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Get Seductive

Photo courtesy of Guess Seductive FB Page

Confident… Feminine… and, in my opinion, the beginning of a trend. Fragrances come and go, some stick out and others fade from our recollection, this frangrance is one to prevail in its market’s longevity.
Guess has just launched their newest fragrance ‘Seductive’, and our good friends at Coty (a leader in the beauty & fragrance industry) has given us a sneak peek! The scent speaks of strength and power with a feminine touch, I love, love, love it!
Guess Seductive is available in three sizes and can be purchased at most leading beauty retailers including Sephora & Shoppers Drug Mart.

Alyssa Miller in Guess Seductive Commercial courtesy of

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Beauty: Leaf & Rusher Beverly Hills

I have done the TO/LA flight 23 times already this year but this past trip was different because I flew with my goodies from Leaf & Rusher!

They have a travel pack full of ‘Skin Tonic’ that is just made to combat the dehydration being in a plane causes.  It was fantastic!  During Film Fest, I had a few impromptu sleepovers and all of the products came in very handy.  Esp the Green Tea facewash… You know he doesn’t have the skin care that you need! So whether you are jetsetting or pillow talking with your new boo, keep L&R in your purse.. just in case!

The ingredients are super premium with natural oils and ingredients like Buriti Fruit. 
TX Lips – It’s an anti-aging lipscrub, that dissolves and you and keep on or rub off. I like it and I left it on! 
Green Tea Wash – This is a soap free cleanser, took off my makeup well and even the mascara. The scent is not overpowering and a little bit goes a long way. Foams up just enough and not too much. It’s ideal for shaving too, if I decide that I actually love him, I just might leave it in this bathroom next time for him ^_^
TX Formula – This moisturizer is basically heaven in a bottle. There are seaweed extracts and algae that makes you look like you skinnydipped in the fountain of youth.  Yippee.. Winners all round.
I have a few more products I haven’t tried yet… But so far so good – the scent and packaging is lovely and not overly gender biased. I like that. 

Quality is impeccable, what you pay is what you get!  Thank you Leaf & Rusher (If you are a Beauty Blogger, make sure you let them know @leafandrusher on Twitter)

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