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Beauty: Orly 2011

LA based nail polish brand Orly decided to kick everyone’s ass in 2011. With Minerals, Glass and Crystals. Yow yow. I want

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LV Windows

Whoever has been on the merchandising team at LV for the past 36 months have really done a great job. First the helium balloons, then the stitching with gold threads and now the eggs. Bravo!

If you want to go to school for this FIDM has a great Visual Communications program.

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Flying to New York

It’s only fitting that I have Jay-Z Black Album on the iPod while flying to NYC… Ladies and Gents I just want to let you know the future is here. I am flying on Virgin right now and blogging to you from midair!  GoGo internet will be the best $14 you ever spent… Because I can actually fly and be online at the same time!

Virgin America are truly purveyors to have the foresight to know about the future. When I arrived to check in, I noticed a difference right away. The booth looks modern, awesome and was blasting Drake. They also had the local weather of each destination available on the flight status board. The check in was intuitive and fast. This is the future my friends.

When I seated, the ‘Red Interactive Environment’ has everything from snacks, video games, movies and music videos and online shopping. Each seat is equipped with a remote control/game console and you can txt/chat seat to seat. Every single seat as a power outlet and USB to charge your iPad, smartphones and LAPTOP.  This is the future.  The girls beside me bought a lemonade and chocolate bar and swiped her CC right here on the bottom of the screen. The girl is watching Hung, surfing online and learning lines for her audition in NYC… I really am truly happy and thrilled right now.  OMG!  Why would you every fly with anyone else????

I’m Yvonne and I fly Virgin 🙂

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What I Learned from Amber Rose

Don’t ever apologize for how fly you are. Don’t ever water down yourself to fit in. Don’t ever change yourself when you can change the circumstance.  Fall is going to be an exciting time for me. I’ll let you know more details in a few days.

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Fragrance: Smell Stoned

Solange Azagury-Partridge – Stoned Eau de Parfum – 100 mlItem 15958
The scent is a heady mix of a sweet candy fused with the mystery of patchouli. A fresh top note of Italian bergamot combines with classic rose. Jasmine absolute fuses with labdanum, benzoin, tree moss and heliotrope. Finally, musk and vanilla bourbon create an addictive animal attraction.

Should I?
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Audrey Magazine (Los Angeles)

I went out last night with my girl Arali to check out the Audrey Magazine fashion event. We missed the fashion show and the giftbags. ha ha ha.. But it was still a great time!

Top tier tickets were $100 a pop and the event was sponsored by an open bar by Ketel One and Stella Artois.  Not too shabby right?

I wish I knew why they were so excited to have me there.. Then I realized that Audrey is actually a huge Korean fashion magazine for Asian women. Um. how fitting, here I am reading Suede, YRB, Bossip and YBF ha ha.

Rock em Edelmans
Designers and Fashionistas 

The event was teeming with well dressed Asian girls with long flowy black hair and expensive purses. There were also a slew of pretty boyfriends who carried their gf’s purse and superficial convo with ease.

Watercolor dresses!

  I saw my favorite twins! Miss Rebecca Stylewithbenefits and Miss Melanie WreckedStellar

and I met my new buddy Kyle… He is a Cancer. *wink*

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