Michelle Shaprow

This songbird is both beautiful and intelligent. I don’t know what to call her genre of music.. i think it’s called… dance? Gentle Jazz?  I am not 100% sure but her lyrics are soft and her melodies are perfectly ambient and is a refreshing break from top 40 music.  She is 24 yrs old and graduated from YALE majoring in psychology, music and cognition. My kinda girl!

She is DEFINITELY not mainstream yet and will absolutely blow up so you can get on it first here… 🙂  She is from LA and has a Facebook page but a protected Twitter (with 300+ followers). I read this interview on here while researching for this post. I love her track FERRIS WHEEL.  What do you think?

Her inspiration comes from artists like Imogen Heap, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Bjork, Jill Scott…. and she loves the energy of Gaga and Drake.  She will be a common household name soon so keep a look out for Michelle Shaprow!

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