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Video ♥: Meet SOUL

Mr Jeremy William, a.k.a SOUL. A very talented Music Producer, born in New Glasgow, NS. Grew up in Halifax, the UK and Vancouver before moving to Toronto… I could tell you more, but why spoil the fun? Watch the video and get to know him!
Did you know? In 2005, SOUL attended Columbia Academy for Sound Design and Audio Engineering. He’s also worked with many many artists from all over North America. GET AT HIM!
Thank you, Thank you for letting me interview you sir!
I’m gonna have more from SOUL for you guys so stay tuned… but in the mean time… VISIT his website!

peace and blessings,
Want more SOUL? Click here!
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Love it Light

reminding me of my two longest friends, Doc & Chelle, & moi

Mum came to visit from England this past week (hence my active blogging absentee’ism) & told me about this Diet Coke campaign called ‘Love It Light’… and how much one of the characters looks like me… I giggled, when I looked further into it, each of the characters remind me of other ladies that I know.

The cutie characters Eleanor, Bernadette & Irene are diva-stated and sophisticated ladies working at a fashion magazine; Diet Coke brings fashion & style to an always familiar brand… in a whole new way! I thought it was sooo cute and had to share with all of you! xo

Ms. Kai 😉

scenes from this & other ads from the campaign

video courtesy of

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His Hers

I know last week I complained about how he wanted to be in A.B.E when I was wearing all black too… But now I think it’s kinda cute. Maybe I secretly love the things I  pretend I don’t like.  What do you think? Couples who dress alike? Yay or nay?



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