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TIFF 2010: RealTVFilms Social Media Lounge- MORE pics!

George Sully (one half of TCHAD Mag) and I: Good talks, good laughs, such an amazing man 🙂
Nicole and Adam, rocking Les Pieces Uniques glasses! You really have to find out the awesomeness behind the creation of these glasses!
The floral presentations were just too lovely! Flowers by Lilium!
Chad and George (The amazing men behind TCHAD Mag)
Pretty ladies! Samantha Gutstadt and Sanaz Hooman (omg I have the most amazing video, jewelery like you’ve never seen before! you guys are just gonna love it!)
I LOVE THIS THING! You guys gotta see my video of me wilding out with this awesome creation! Guitar Hero CAN’T TOUCH THIS!
Hey Nicole! Do you guys remember these shoes??
this was just a fraction of the deliciousness that Grazie Ristorante was serving up! mmm mmm mmm!
Wendy and Tanya of Inspire Cosmetics! These ladies are such an inspiration, and they’re make-up brushes will make you throw ALL of your brushes in the garbage. The most expensive brush, can’t stand up to what these ladies have to offer.. did I mention their make up is AMAZING.
I was just drooling… there was soooo much bling! and not just any kinda bling… oh man you gotta watch the video! Sanaz gives us a full walk through, and shows us some AMAZING handbags. Heaven. Can’t wait to hit up their showroom *faints with excitement*
Owww new girl crush! ha ha ha Chrissy and I!
Myself, Samantha, and miss juicy stuff herself, Juliet!
Umm there were so many pictures! Click the album to see the rest of the fabulouness! Samantha, you were an AMAZING host; it was sooo nice meeting you!
I can’t wait till next year!!!
Check out the rest of the album!
TIFF REALTV Gifting Lounge
peace and love

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HCB #48: the ish is BANANAS!

I bought bananas barely a few days ago, and they were already looking like I should throw them out; but I wasn’t tryna waste food that I spent money on!
So I made banana bread!
soooooo GOOD!
Happy Cooking!
“Big egos are big shields for lots of empty space”– Diana Black

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Toronto Film Festival 2010

More parties than you can ever imagine. Extended liquor hours til 4am. There is NO rest during TIFF10. 

Chloe girls

We stopped by Brassai for the Coty x Smashbox x Fuze x YouTube Lounge just for a quick hello, a ton of goodies and of course a few photos.

Then we were off to TCHAD’s exclusive gifting lounge. This is a new venue and the boys sure did bring out the stylish and crowd with discerning taste.

Thompson Hotel is all everyone talks about these days. The hottest party by far, with ALK aka Canadian Wang with all her stylish posse… Looking for that party? Just follow the studs, the sequins, the stylish svelte bodies and new definition of effortless chic.  Lashem was the beauty sponsor for the VIP bags at Blacklisted.  I even got a chance to chat with the beautiful Uma Thurman. 

 And guess what! It’s only Monday. More to come.

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Get Lippy

Kissy Lips Rings are amazing.  Gimme more. I want em all.

I know i have been tweeting a lot about ‘foresight’ lately.. We been saying this since March 09..
But I’m just saying…
And then there’s one from Betsey Johnson
and Opening Ceremony
And clutches…
But I’ve BEEN wearing my lippy since May!

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