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We’ve got you Covered

Ever wake up, look at your eyes and think, I could look a little more… fresh? It’s happened to the best of us, concealer is a must-have in the beauty bags of myself and all of my closest ladies, but we all know that mid-day there’s always that need for a touch up… only to continue the same routine day after day, after day.

Well my good friends at CoverFX have created a solution for every woman’s under eye problem, introducing EyePrep FX. It is a extremely light eye primer for all of your eye needs. The thing that I love about CoverFX is that it not only has incomparable coverage but it also heals and corrects the problem that you are experiencing. “EyePrep FX is a cosmeceutical eye smoothing formula with clinically proven anti-aging benefits”… it heals!!! There are ingredients including Eyeliss that specifically works to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes by eliminating excess fluids & reduce inflammation; & Haloxyl, an anti-aging ingredient that encourages recovery of natural pigmentation.

EyePrep FX tightens and firms with long-term effects, it softens and keeps skin hydrated. But, it also binds make up so there are no creases, it lays and maintains a smooth palate for your make-up! And… launching tomorrow (September 7th) to September 11th, is the ‘Eye Spy With my Big Bright Eyes’, an international treasure hunt. For more info click HERE.
Last week I met with other bloggers to learn about this amazing product and share our experiences with CoverFX and the thoughts were unanimous, we all love the brand. Below are some pics from the night, so enjoy.
CoverFX & EyePrep FX can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, The Bay, Sephora (Canada: Nation-wide)
Harvey Nichols (UK: London, Manchester, Dublin)

Melissa Shum sampling EyePrepFX
Smooth Finish on my hand

Packaging… so you know what to look for 😉

My girl Kesh ( came out too, Myself & CoverFX marketing co-ordinator Melissa Shum

Rachelle White Wind & Ms. Kesha

Kesha & I with CoverFX founders Jenny Frankel & Lee Graff
Hours wind down…

Lovely ladies with CoverFX International Communications Director, Wanda Longo

Girls love Gifts!!!

Time to go… last pic of the night xo

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Michelle Shaprow

This songbird is both beautiful and intelligent. I don’t know what to call her genre of music.. i think it’s called… dance? Gentle Jazz?  I am not 100% sure but her lyrics are soft and her melodies are perfectly ambient and is a refreshing break from top 40 music.  She is 24 yrs old and graduated from YALE majoring in psychology, music and cognition. My kinda girl!

She is DEFINITELY not mainstream yet and will absolutely blow up so you can get on it first here… 🙂  She is from LA and has a Facebook page but a protected Twitter (with 300+ followers). I read this interview on here while researching for this post. I love her track FERRIS WHEEL.  What do you think?

Her inspiration comes from artists like Imogen Heap, Jamiroquai, Erykah Badu, Bjork, Jill Scott…. and she loves the energy of Gaga and Drake.  She will be a common household name soon so keep a look out for Michelle Shaprow!

HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*