Posts Written On August 20, 2010

HCB #43: Cauliflower Ballin!!

I had some cauliflower in the fridge, and even though I really didn’t want ANY cauliflower, I decided to have a little fun with it.

cook em, and mash em!
decide how you want em to taste, and then make little balls
A quick deep fry, and then finished in the oven
they were kinda YUMMY!

About half way through my meal, I realized that they’d be even more perfect, if I dipped them in some… ranch sauce baby!!
Don’t judge me, I put ranch on like everything! TASTY!
Happy Cookin lovelies!
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Beautiful Brazil

Part of my 2 year plan is to get my ass to Brazil… its too mystical, too beautiful, and too exotic for me to not experience in my 20’s… I wanna explore the Amazon, discover hidden secrets, lay on the world’s most beautiful beaches, handglide off of a mountain, go rafting under mystical waterfalls, jump up in Rio for Carnival… wait and see, if you think I’m joking! Some of the most beautiful landmarks, animals and people are from Brazil, the experience alone is my drive.
I’ve wanted to visit since 6th grade when I was assigned a massive report on Brazil… while in actuality the project was only about a page in length, it was the first time that a school assignment really caught my attention on an internal level. I think it was the diversity of the land but more-so of the people that first called my name, and the feeling sustains… I love how there are so many colours and shades and hair-types and tan lines!!! I heard, Brazilian Supermodel Raquel Zimmerman talk about Brazilian people saying “…there is a mixture of all cultures darker skin in the north, blondes in the south, and mixes make people beautiful”… I may be biased, but MUST say I agree!

(L-R Brazilians) Model Adriana Lima, Model Giselle Bundchen & Footballer Ronaldo

Beautiful Copacabana Beach

The infamous O Cristo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro & Brazilian Beach Boys 😉

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