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HeyDoYou x CONVERSE Fall 2010 Preview of the Preview!

two ladies showin off their CONVERSE Swaaaag!

I get excited around this time of year, not only because it’s my bday month (ahem ahem July 23rd), but also because everybody start showing off their new fall stuff! I love fall; not too hot not too cold. PERFECT.
I was super stoked when CONVERSE invited me to the preview of their fall 2010 line, at 1 King West, in the Vault Room (which I might I add is pretty friggin awesome!)

The Vault

I had tonnes of fun last year, so I new it would be good this year too. Ran into some familiar faces, and finally got to put face to name for some. Good times!!

what’s yo flava!
The VERY talented Mark Stoddart (he’s the genius behind the Jimi Hendrix piece behind us)
“no one is you-er than you are!” loves me some Dr. Seuss
WhatWomenWant was in the building!
for the tweens!
I was diggin her glasses and her shirt!
more shoes (and this isn’t even half of the collection!)

Thank you to CONVERSE for inviting me again this year, and thank you soooo much for all the goodies!!
You guys only need to wait a few more days before you can get your hands on this CONVERSE goodness 🙂
peace and love!

ps: Check later for More pics and my CONVERSE Video tour coming soon!!

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shortspiration! #Fuze-A-Poolooza!

What’s a pool party without some cute shorts!… or short shorts, whatever your flavor, just keep it classy ladies :
“The Slasher Flick”Mink Pink
I have quite the thick thigh, pair them with my ass and hips, and wearing shorts becomes a little challenging. But I love my legs, and thoroughly enjoy a good pair of shorts, so a few (many lol) squats and a couple (like 30) minutes of jump roping everyday, and I’m able to partake in one of the simplest/sexiest pieces of clothing of our time. 
“The Starlight” shortsObey
You NEEDS you a cute bikini… it’s a POOL PARTY! Good Girls match, Bad girls mix it up!! Be BAD!!
“The Huffer”– Huffer
(um I’m not sure I’m feeling these boots in particular… but we’re talking shorts so stay focused! Lol)
“freeze shorts”RVCA
“The Friday Night” shortsWildfox baby!
Wildfox ALWAYS does it for me… over and over again!
Rock your short shorts and come join us for some summer time fun by the pool!
*big fat pink lemonade kisses*

*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*