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Random Thoughts… I love ma’ B*tchez

Life is a crazy, busy place… we’re all trying to work through and stay ahead of the race. But sometimes its time to chill and from time to time, when I do, I’ll go through some of my favorite blogs and catch up on what I miss, one of these being The Segment. While Nebby and I don’t know each other very well… “Gurrrrrllll… you keep me entertained!!!”!!! No, but honestly, I love The Segment, Nebby & Andy keep us educated and entertained on all things (and opinions) in the current. Anyways, while reading through past postings, I stumbled across an entry from last month with the image below and under reading “Do you agree?”…

When I read through the different ‘friend’ descriptions, I thought to myself… “That sounds like Chelle, that one is Tasha & Ry, this one is Kesh, that one is Leslie…” “Cins, Tam, Rose, Yvonne, Nik, G, Summer, Liz, Bossy, Krista, Bella, etcccccccccccccc” then I started thinking “well, that’s a bit of each of them” and “both of them are like that”, until I came to the conclusion that I am fortunate enough to say that each of my girlfriends have a lil bit of the ’12 qualifications’ listed. Whether we have been friends for 20 years or 2 months, I have an incredible core… we each walk different paths, that all interconnect in the places that are most important!!! To my friends, every… last… one… of… you… you make a difference in my life and for that, I LOVE you!!! And to the world… watch out… because I love ma’ B*tchez!!! So, to answer the question… I do agree & believe in exceptions to every rule; a similar article could be… “12 things every woman deserves to find in her girlfriends”, or something there-so related lol!

Disclosure: plz do not be offended by any particular lack-of-mention, if u know ur one of my boss b*tchez then u know ur in my heart! xoxo

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Fuze-A-Poolooza welcomes Laura Ford Designs

8 more days til Fuze-a-Poolooza!

No pool party outfit is complete without amazing sparkly jewelry!  We are so excited to have Laura Ford Designs as a vendor this year at the Fuze-a-Poolooza.  Her pieces are unique and topics of conversation. Toronto based artist Laura Brailsford is the designer and creator of Laura Ford Designs. Her work has been shown in various shows, shops and galleries throughout the city and surrounding areas. The pieces you will find at a Laura Ford Designs show are unlike others in that they function more as wearable art than simple costume jewelry. Her work combines multimedia elements of stone, glass, crystal, wire and silver and each piece is uniquely created by hand and seldom replicated. 

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Did you get your ticket yet? What are you waiting for!

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