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Managing Super Woman Syndrome Workshop (TORONTO)

Balance your personal and professional life without burnout!

Re-connect with what you really want in your life

Move from Procrastination to action – now!

Commit to “YOU” and gain control of your life and what’s happening in it.

Women who want to live a fulfilled and balanced life and put a STOP to always feeling like you are on the run, energy drained or burnt out, this workshop is for you. We do it together – we walk through tips and strategies to be Super Woman, but on your terms, without the extreme hustle and bustle!

Join us on:

Date: Saturday June 19, 2010
Time: 12:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: National Film Board of Canada, 150 John St., Toronto, Ontario
Cost: $50 (light refreshments, guided yoga session, resource materials, bonus- pre-release cd of “Lipstick Series”)
Dress code: Comfortable weekend wear
What to expect:
This workshop begins with a guided meditation/yoga session – delivered by Yoga Instructor, Lisa Nicole Tai – as we believe in empowering the mind, body and soul!

The balance of the workshop facilitated by Karen Donaldson, will be hands on and interactive developing innovative skills and techniques that will help you manage the ultra busy lifestyles that we all live as today’s modern women.
For more information please call: 416-414-2082 or email: To register and purchase a ticket:
Use promo code: Heydoyou tickets at the $40 rate (reg. tickets are $50)
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The only ones that made it…

I have to say, I was pretty bummed when I couldn’t really take pics of all the beautiful people at the What Women Want: Wine, Dine and DATE in a Dress SATC Edition- SJP meets YYZ *whew mouthful!* LOL
These were the only ones I was able to take… 🙂

oh the GOODIES!
the brownies…

Miss Binki Brown of Patent Mag!

I got a video too, but you gotta go on my youtube for that!
That’s it 🙁 *tear*
*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*