Posts Written On June 12, 2010


I remember the first day I got my red curve, as petty as it may seem I was really friggin excited; firstly because who doesn’t love getting a new phone, and secondly because it was red, and that happens to be one of my favorite colors! I digress, I also remember the day everything with my once perfect curve, started going down hill!

I have to try my BEST to keep this badboy clean!

First, that annoying hourglass spinning thing that comes on for NO REASON whatsoever!
THEN, it started taking FOREVER to turn back on after a battery pull.
It would “ring” without actually ringing!
One day I put it down on my desk, and my screen cracked… Yes, I sat there staring at it, like WHAT THE HELL?!


THEN, one day I had a back to my phone the next it was gone. I don’t know how or when, all I know is that I dropped my phone, searched EVERYWHERE, but never saw it again.

we call this one PO’-Berry!

Don’t get me started on the trackball issues, I almost killed this phone a number of times!
But as they say, joy comes in the morning, and it’s about time!

Now I can answer the phone and do whatever the f**k it is I need to do without feeling so damn ashamed! Plus I’m LOVING this trackpad ish! 
Baby Got a Brand New Back y’all!

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