Posts Written On June 09, 2010

All White Everything

Every single summer I’m in desperate search for the perfect white summer show. Nothing says JUNE like the AWWA – This year, the party is on June 30th at This is London. 

I am so excited but I will be in LA so just for fun, here is what I’d be wearing if I was going.

Cool white silhouettes are sure the dominate the streets this summer and it works for Day or Night. Named #5 of Vogue Magazine’s top 10 summer trends, WHITE is definitely the colour of summer. Crisp white styles that will keep you cool in the intense summer heat.   PS: nothing says cool like a white sidekick 🙂

Here’s a few oldies but goodies


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HCB #22: Mr. Foreman if ur NASTY!

Whenever I have a day off and I want to go outside and BBQ, it RAINS!!! *kissing teeth HARD* LOL
So I went with plan B and brought out The Foreman…
Scotch bonnet pepper + garlic + ginger…
Blend it up good, and add to seasoned chicken 🙂
I love chicken skin, so I don’t like that skinless ish! So to cut the fat, I brought out my George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine!
Keep warm in oven 🙂
Yum and Yum (I felt a little adventurous and added some cinnamon and lime to my marinade)
Happy Cookin’ lovelies!

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Viktor & Rolf dresses

$1820 of happiness.

$2390 of hotness

$1660 lust/must, what the difference?

$760 of hot stompin’

$1210 Hole-y Moley

When you are the ‘bomb’ there isn’t much competition.

*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*