A Manicure Miracle

Ladies… while we do our very best to keep our hair done, our clothes right and our nails tight, its a tough job to stay forever-camera-ready! The easiest slip up is our nails, I know this has happened to you at least once! Heading out the door to an important meeting or the hottest event and notice that your nails are not up to “diva” status… suddenly you say to yourself… “Look. At. My. Nails”!

Well, I’m woman enough to admit that this has happened to me more than once and, asthough it were fate, I recently stumbled across the new Sally Hansen Color Quick ~ its a ‘click, colour & go’, fast-dry, nail color, pen!!!! Try to tell me this isn’t a manicure miracle!!! You just click to dispense the color, brush on and go… its dry in moments and the color looks asthough you spent hours! Go to Girls, Camera ready femmes & dawling divas will fall in Love, Luv, LOVE!!!

Purchase your’s at Shoppers Drug Mart or online at the Sally Hansen site!


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