Look what I got 3:

I LOVE finding little white gift-bags stuffed with pretty pink paper waiting for me 🙂
But what really makes my day is when I find Dove® goodies! So you KNOW I have no problem reviewing the new Dove® go fresh Revive Line!
I usually give you guys a nice lil video when doing reviews, however my full review of these  products will come up on the weekend. I’ve already used body wash  in Revive (pomegranate and lemon verbana scent), and would you really be surprised if I told you that it’s AMAZING! 

It’s a pretty pink color, smells like heaven, leaves your skin feeling clean and soft, and the pomegranate/lemon verbena scent really does wake your senses up! What’s it’s super power? The body wash comes with NutriumMoisture, a technology that cares for surface skin 10-20 layers deep!

The body wash definitely came in handy during exam time, and I was definitely in need of some reviving once the semester came to an end! (Who knew a degree could be so damn tiring! Boooo)

I’m super excited to try out the new Revival Shampoo and Conditioner!
ps: The body mist paired with the Dove® Ultimate Anti-Perspirant (24 hour protection ladies!) are PERFECT for summer!
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