Posts Written On April 29, 2010

HCB 17: Mmm what’s cookin’!

What’s going on over here… let’s investigate lol
L-O-V-E my new red pots!
Mmm special spice blend, garlic.onion puree, coconut cream/milk, 
scotch bonnet pepper, chicken/beef stock, 
add a little love and MAGIC! I found a QUICKER and TASTIER to cook rice n peas
and it’s DELICIOUS!
you know I HAD to have me some greens!
mmmm Spicy and Saawwwcaaayyyy!
almost ready…
All I can say is YUM and YUM. 

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Hangin’ @ MTV for The Hills Season Premier

Too HOT… I *heart* JB

Its always fun to take a peek into other people’s lives and forget about our own for a while… Tuesday night my home-girl, Nikki, and I hung out at MTV with about 200 others for The Hills Season Premier. Kristin Cavallari was our guest for the evening on The Aftershow, telling us her feelings about friends, drugs and plastic surgery. If you’ve never been a part of a studio audience before I totally suggest doing it, everyone had a great time and nothing is like REALLY being there for an inside look at your favorite program.
After tonight it is official… I am purchasing a new camera!!! Please enjoy the photos below (while I apologize for the lighting) and peep The Hills Aftershow from a live eye 😉

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Dan & Jessie

My girl, Nikki & Moi

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Miu Miu vs. Aldo

Miu Miu $755
Aldo. probably around $120
*shrugs* i can do the 3 straps for $500 less ^_^ tee hee.

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