Posts Written On April 28, 2010

Prtty Peaushun

Got an interesting package from the good people over at PrttyPeaushun today.

This is a Skin Tight body lotion that was created by Celebrity MUA Bethany Karlyn. The first person I thought of when I saw this is my girl Robyn Baldwin. I’m gonna bring it back for her this weekend and let her try it.
I put it on my arms so far so good.
I’ll try it this weekend when I hit up back to back parties in TO. I love a little shine ^_^ okay I lied, i like a lot.

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Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes Secondlook Jewelry

Before written language, or the spoken word, there was jewelry. In the late 1800s, British archaeologist Archibald Campbell Carlyle said of primitive man “the first spiritual want of a barbarous man is decoration” . More than just a curio from the past, jewelry, like art, is a window into the soul of humanity, and a poignant reminder of that which separates humankind from the animal kingdom — a desire to capture the essence of beauty, to posses its secrets, and to unlock its mysteries”.

I am so excited to welcome SecondLook Jewelry, a LA based jewelry line to the ultimate Sex and the City Party!  When I first saw her stuff, all I could think of was CARRIE CARRIE CARRIE.

Second Look Jewelry combines vintage costume jewelry with new materials to update, recycle and create a second look; a new statement piece.

Each piece is carefully put together and One of a Kind. 

A signature of mine are the hand sculpted, hand painted resin flowers tucked into many of the designs. Come meet Ann Raymond, the talented designer behind SecondLook Jewelry and you can request a particular flower and colors for a custom piece. 

 You know how Carrie loves her flowers. We are no different!

See you on the Pink Carpet!

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"formula"byBella x SATFH Fundraiser

George Brown students of the special events class , threw a fundraiser on the 14th, to raise money for Doctors without Borders; in hopes of helping the doctors that are helping everybody in Haiti right now.
Yours truly (“formula”byBella) was there to provide over 100 guests with some culinary treats while they danced the night away.

mmm sticky-face “formula” cupcakes!

Food’s GOOD-TO-GO!!

Spicy blackened chicken 
(you know I couldn’t make it too spicy, there were some lightweights in the room lol)
They requested a Caribbean inspired menu, featuring traditional Haitian ingredients/spices/recipes. So we did just that!

Yummy Chickpea Non-meatballs! mmm nom nom 🙂
This is that Soul food cooking; leaves you full, with that warm feeling in your tummy… aaahhhh

Rice n Peas with a DELICIOUS secret twist!
Savory “Chicken in Tomato” dish
Coleslaw of course!
pretty ladies!
Fun times!

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I keep seeing Foxtail keychains so I made my dad buy me one at the Rosebowl a few weeks ago.

 It’s wild!

They range from $10 – $1000 (Louis Vuitton) and they come from fox, racoons and minks. Mine was $15 and just lovely. Here I am shaking my tailfeather on Alvarado and 6th

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