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Look what I got 1:NEW Axe Hair Care

So when I received this “secret” package, I was definitely VERY curious and VERY excited to see what was inside! Lauren from Harbinger asked me if I was interested in trying out AXE’s new hair care line for men on a lucky man, and you KNOW I was MORE than happy to.

Um so because I am VERY particular about what goes into my hair, I skipped the shampoo, and because I rock a short do oh-so-fabulously, I jumped right onto the AXE… pomade.
And I LOVE IT! It’s not sticky, smells great, doesn’t flake, gives hair an awesome shine, AND it gives hair MOVE-ABILITY! I know it’s for men, but seeing as some of my product have fallen victim to a man; it was time I had my revenge. Lol

I did however get the man to try the shampoo… one word. WINNER. You’ll love it cause it’ll leave your scalp/hair clean and smelling fresh, she’ll love it cause you’re hair will smell GREAT! You both win:)
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“Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?” and Lookbook guru – JayStrut is the epitome of those ‘come-up’ kids you best get familar with. He is more fab and cute and my absolutely favorite!  Jay’s vivacios attitude is absolutely contagious. You cannot be around him and not have fun.
His is my favorite 1991 Aquarius
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Nowadays, I think twice and read ingredient labels before buying certain foods. Why not do the same for all the beauty products I buy?

The amount of chemicals found in every day products is not only shocking but downright disgusting. As hard as it was to leave my favorite products behind, I’ve found some even better products.

One of the brands I’ve recently tried is Kiehl’s. It’s been hard to find a shampoo with natural ingredients that actually gets the job done, but Kiehl’s Amino Acid Shampoo with Pure Coconut Oil along with Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Conditioner are products that actually perform.

With other natural shampoos, the conditioner isn’t hydrating enough and leaves my hair dry. Kiehl’s Olive conditioner is actually thicker and creamier than other formulas. Something I like to do especially in the Summer months is leave the conditioner in my hair for at least 5 minutes before rinsing. I also comb it right before rinsing…It leaves my hair softer and more manageable for styling.

The Amino Acid Shampoo with Pure Coconut Oil, sold me because of the coconut oil ingredient. Coconut oil is extremely hydrating. Sometimes I actually slather pure coconut oil onto my skin. You can also take a teaspoon of coconut oil every morning to hydrate your skin and boost your immune system. If it’s in my shampoo, even better!

Kiehl’s is available at and department stores worldwide. You can find coconut oil at most health food stores.

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