Posts Written On April 16, 2010

Pink Carpet Soiree welcomes hello sweet!

You know our parties are exceptionally sweet, very swanky and cute and just a twist of class. I am so excited to have discovered this LA gem! 

HeyDoYou loves hello sweet! 

We do love cupcakes the way we love Manolos but Lolli-cakes are the Louboutin of desserts!  Step ya sweets game up, it’s 2010! Truffles, red velvet, chocolate fudge, strawberry, lemon, cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate peanut butter, creme brulee, blackberry, vanilla, black sesame seed- need I say more??

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Tell Jean she is amazing and order some on her tiny delights here
hello sweet! in each and every single giftbag at the Pink Carpet Soiree May 20th!


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Meet Melissa Anglomania

Jellies meets stilettos, meets Vivienne Westwood, meets strawberry shortcake?

There are few times that a girl will meet a pair of shoes that appeal to all of her 5 senses… ladies, meet Melissa Anglomania!

After a routine hair cut on the Danforth, I thought I’d pop into one of my favorite shops ‘Balisi‘… after all, Spring Trend Report was just around the corner and while I had an incredible dress from Brazen‘s newest collection (courtesy of Amanda Brugel at The Red Carpet Room), I didn’t have anything to complement my toes! And… there they were!!! I saw them and as though I could hear them chant my name I didn’t hestitate for a moment to request my size and try them on… they felt like a squishy, stiletto dream! As I posed in the mirror, the hipster behind the counter explained that Vivienne Westwood did a colabo with Melissa shoes to create the “Anglomania” line and that this gorg pair was a part of the collection, she told me to “take a sniff”… and while this took me aback, I did only to find the gorg, nostalgic scent of old skool strawberry shortcake dolls! “I’ll take ’em” I said, and it was as easy as that!
A match made in Jellie stilettos – designed by Vivienne Westwood – that smell like strawberry shortcake HEAVEN!!!

Me in my Anglomania’s at Spring Trend Report w. my girl Kesh
Anglomania Lady Dragon III

Peep them for yourself at Balisi or on the Melissa Plastic Dreams site!

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