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Are you excited?

it’s been 2 years!  After the much acclaimed success of the Pink Carpet Soiree, we are doing it again and this time in West Hollywood! 
Get ready for the Pink Carpet Soiree 2, a cocktail party in celebration of Sex and the City Movie 2. Get excited! 
Friendship, life changes, travelling to Morocco, exotic tastes, unbelievable adventure, breath-taking fashion and a whole lotta sex.

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Got invited to go to the Yoga in the Sky class at the new ‘couture condo’ EVO downtown LA on Grand Street in the Penthouse.  They have a yoga class there the first Wednesday of every month.

What a cute and clever way to promote a luxury condo!

 The event was held in the North West facing penthouse which was HUGE.

There are over 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and tons of in between space, wrap around balcony, breath taking view and a fireplace. I had a moment when I was up there imagining my future.

Wow wee, Staples Centre
Sunset Yoga – Namaste

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David Dixon at LGFW

Recap pt 4 & 5 : HeyDoYou x LG Fashion Week ♥
Oh-em-gee Barbie by David Dixon!

That was my reaction when I saw the LGFW Program, however I found the collection to be a total let down!!! So so so disappointed, it seems Barbie grew up, and lost her sense of style, fun, imagination and is now settling for basic boring shit, as long as it’s pink… YUCK. As someone that grew up on Barbie, I don’t think David Dixon showed us anything that I or even Barbie would like to wear… But you be the judge.

So after the disastrous Barbie show, David Dixon treated us to some pieces from his own collection….and this time they were all winners!!!

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Peep Toe Wedge

If Alexander Wang said jump, we say Yippee!  I am not even a big fan of wedge heels but these detailed super high wedge heels are very enticing.
 I think they are just perfect with a tiny short summer dress.
Alexander Wang
Giuseppe Zanotti

I got these bad boys from Sam Edelman at the PF Sample sale. I was flying from YYZ to LAX and this girl told me she’d been watching my shoes since we took off ^_^ lol…

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