Smirnoff in the HOUSE!

Our Smirnoff Experience contest winner/writer Amanda Jerome gives us a preview of the event through her eyes (incredible photography by Scott Tromley)…

“Welcome to the Smirnoff experience,” said two beautiful ladies as I entered the Guvernment. I was there to see Paul Oakenfold, the legendary DJ, and to have a good time, but I got so much more than that! The room was vibrating from the music and sheer energy of the massive crowd. Smirnoff red lights filled the club and made it glow.

The complimentary drink tickets given out by the Smirnoff ladies had the crowd at ease and helped get the party going. They were also passing out free Shutter Shades, so everyone in the crowd was sporting the Kanye West look. Cool drinks + funky shades officially equals a good time!

By the time the clock struck midnight the dance floor was packed, the fog machine was on full blast and a laser show was in the works, making the Smirnoff experience totally surreal. As the beats got louder people started climbing up on platforms above the crowd to dance and wind up the rest of the audience. It was madness I tells ya, madness! This was one of the most banging parties I’ve ever been to at the Guvernment, or anywhere else for that matter. If you weren’t there, you should have been.

Amanda Jerome

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