CoverFX – Beauty Blogger’s Event

Last week I had the opportuntity to be one of the few to attend CoverFX’s Beauty Blogger’s event for their 10 year Anniversary… ohhhhh so lucky am I!!! I’m in love!!!
Beauty + Medical = CoverFX!
The coverage is incredible, the texture is insane & its boss for you skin!
I got a first-hand look at the ‘Uncover Flawless’ campaign launching for Spring/Summer 2010 and had the opportunity to learn about the products. If I broke down all the reasons to use this make-up, the posting would extend past the page and it would become a novel instead of a blog posting, so I’ll allow you to do that for yourselves… but some things I will mention are:
  • Cover FX is the only cosmetic where the line is a treatment for your skin
  • Cover FX is great for any skin condition; rosacea, acne, dark circles, aging, oily, etc.
  • Cover FX is paraben & emmoliant free
  • Cover FX is full of antioxidants, minerals & SPF’s
Prepping for demos

How-to apply ‘The Big Cover Up’ 3 step essentials kit

Officially the make-up used by Ang Jolie to cover her tatts in films

I’ve worn it everyday since the event!!!

To learn more visit:

Peep their blogs:

Cover FX Co-Creator,Le Graff, on skin concerns
Cover FX Foundation Artist, Wanda Longo, on make-up trends

Buy CoverFX:

in Canada @ Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, The bay
in the US @ Sephora, Nordstrom, Naimie’s Beauty Center
in the UK @ Harvey Nichols


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