Posts Written On March 30, 2010

LG Toronto Fashion Week – Day 1

Yay! It’s Fashion Week! 

Ainsley Kerr + fashion buddies

A lot of changes since last year – The venue is new!  Toronto Fashion Week is held at the spacious and modern Allstream Center. 

This is by CNE and kinda far from downtown. Bah.

I miss the tents on Queen Street though 🙁  But, not to despair because with change comes learnings.  The set up included key sponsors like LG, Barbie, MADE furniture, L’Oreal, etc… and the set up includes a lounge area, a full bar, an ultra VIP area, a shopping area and some photo opps. 


Something about the hustle and bustle of the ‘tent’ I really miss. Sigh. 

The PR powerhouse that usually runs TO Fashion Week (Brill) is out of the picture and Rocket PR is now (mis)handling the situations.  Just from random gossip, we hear that designers were not recognized by the volunteers, sponsors were not being sat in proper seats etc etc.

Do you care about sitting front row? I am impressed already by their scuba-ness.

My favorite part was of the entire set up is the dress up Barbie interactive station! 

I even saw 2 of my favorite BloggerBarbies lol.
Anita from and Jen from
Amanda Brugel x Designer Jessica Biffi
them baby bloggers are HUN-GRY  <- i love it
Stylish boutique owners from Vocado
it’s an exciting time for young models to strut their stuff
She’s so cute. I only like her cuz she’s asian and has short hair like me ^_^
yay for running into Facebook friends

*HeyDoYou is for the cute, clever and connected*


Vidal Sassoon

I have told you all about the perks of being hair model right?  All you need is an open mind, a great attitude and a sense of adventure!  I went down to Yorkville today to get my hair cut my Vidal Sassoon’s stylist Yaso Aisha – who’s Year-2 of the 3-year apprentice program.

If you guys remember my last hair cut -the Say Something Baby cut, it was kinda crazy and shaved and assymetric so we had to work with what my hair was already – half grown out, half crazy basically. I just wanted to create a stronger line, a rounder shape and a fresher look. Here is what we did.
I love it.. I call the Rihanna mushroom cut 
Oh ya, did I mention that it is totally free???
I’ll take more pix tomorrow. Or come run into me at LG Fashion Week

If you want to be a hair model, get at my girl Yaso 647.204.3398 or get more info at Vidal Sassoon.