Posts Written On March 24, 2010

Apple of my Eye

I heart apple scented beauty products! Some people call Toronto the Little Apple because it is a mini-New York. I think they are right, no other city is as fresh, crisp and energizing as the tDot-O.  

Here are my summer wish list.


Socks or NO Socks?

Ladies, some of y’all got some crazy bedroom rules! lol

I was having a conversation with a couple gentlemen the other day. One of them, we’ll call him (P) says to me, “Bella, lemme ask you a question, because I need to understand this from a woman’s point of view.” I knew this would be interesting so of course, I told him to ask away.
He proceeded to tell me about an experience he had with a woman, who wouldn’t have sex with him, until he took his socks off. Yes, she paused the “goings on” to ask him to take his socks off. As this was something he’d never encountered before, he was wondering if this was something that  we women were “doing” nowadays or if it is was some kinda of unwritten female “rule”. Um NO.

I told him the next time that happens, he needs to ask her, “Dick or socks off?” she can pick which one she wants more. lol. Now if his socks are nasty and smelly that’s a totally different situation, and shame on you (any man) for tryna get your groove on with crusty socks on but I digress. He says his socks were clean, and the only reason he wanted to keep them on was because he was cold. But she wouldn’t get down and dirty if he kept his socks on. What could his socks possibly do to you girl?????
Are your REALLY thinking about socks when it’s time to get down with the get down??? Then that’s a problem. Either mister man over there isn’t pressing the right buttons, or… I don’t know man, if he’s pressing all the right buttons, and you’re complaining about socks, you don’t deserve the potential dope d*ck game he might lay on your ass!
And if his socks are really bothering you, and he doesn’t wanna take them off, then you need to get that bedroom HOT AND STEAMY that way he won’t be able to keep them on! dig?
Happy Hump Day!
Any “SOCKS OFF” ladies out there? If so, please help us understand 🙂


Red Carpet Room Spring Trend Report: a lil bit MORE of what you missed! ♥

I was rather busy right up until the fashion show started, but I still managed to sneak in a couple pics here and there 🙂  I have a special video of the fashion show for you guys for tomorrow!!! (loved Amanda’s intro!)

Shauna and Yvonne! Luh-va-leeeee ♥

two of the ladies of Noir Hair Studio! Camille and Kim! LOVING your hair Camille!
ps: they styled the models’ hair for the fashion show 🙂 you ladies did an amazing job!

i ♥ just this pic…

Bad Mutha, shut yo mouth! I love it!

Ms Churchdress in the house!

Miss Niya! LOVES it!

Shannae took a moment from the “goings on” to strike a pose!

sooo cute!
Miss Jenny Koko…jus killin’ em! lol, 
These pictures don’t even come close to showing just how AMAZING this event was. With the looks that people were sporting last night, the entire event was like Fashion Wonderland, in Spring!! so many different, creative, beautiful, pretty, sexy, 
I don’t think I would’ve had enough memory to capture all the amazingness that there was. You all came out looking beautiful, and with such a positive attitude, oh man the room was soo full of energy! Spring is definitely in the air; crazy vibes, FULL of energy, it was totally RAD!
Amanda, thank you for everything! Fuzemuze team, you guys were awesome! Thank you,thank you, thank you to every one that came out to support!
keep a look out for the video!!

HCB #10: Stuffin dem birds…

Eating chicken every day can be a little tedious, so instead of the “usual” way try stuffing it!
All you need is a little twine…
People usually go with the breast of the bird, but I only had thighs, and I wanted me some stuffed chicken! Plus I figure if you can get the meat flat enough, you can roll that mutha!
Season with salt and pepper, a lil paprika if you want, then stuff em with whatever you feel like 🙂
I marinated the chicken over night.

A lil cooking trivia!

The word Roulade originates from the French word “rouler” which means “to roll”. Typically, a roulade is a European dish consisting of a slice of meat rolled around a filling, such as cheese, vegetables, or other meats.
part 2 (tomorrow) shows you what I paired the chicken with! yum!