Posts Written On March 20, 2010


Went down to check out the newest hat store by BigItUp called Brimz.
cutie in the store – not for sale
Melodic needs to get at Glossy 😉
me and brock-brock
All photography by the lovely and talented SelinaChan.
BRIMZ – A Signature Boutique by Big It Up 321 Queen St. West Toronto.

HCB #9: When I’m too lazy to cook…

This is what happens when I’m too lazy to cook. A packet of noodles, some shrimp, veggies, abracadabra *tosses ingredients around*

et voila!

It was really yummy, and really filling; the veggies definitely did the trick… the shrimp didn’t hurt either lol.
This meal is perfect for days when you want something tasty, but don’t have the energy to do the whole cooking thing;  it didn’t take me more than 6 minutes to make this…
stay blessed,


OCC Liptar

Lip Tar will set you free
I can’t get enough of the OCC Liptar!

on the left Pretty Beige and Anime
on the right Demure, Hoochie, Vapid, Complex
I think i can wear every color 🙂