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HCB #7: Diner Food?

There was a DEMAND for burgers and wings this past week, so although I didnt wanna do another burger post, I figured you also didn’t mind seeing a juicy stuffed stuffed burger! They look so delicious when the cheese starts to ooze outta them… mmm yum!

 Instead of just regular wings, I got a little playful and made coconut/panko crusted spicy wings!

Nice and Golden!

This meal reminds of the sinful delicious food you find at a diner; a combination of all the what-not-to-eats, prepared ever so deliciously! Lol. However, seeing as I’m all about taking care of this temple that is my body, I was very careful about the ingredients I used. For example, I had cooked the burgers in the oven instead of frying them, I also used a low fat/low calorie vinaigrette and everything else in serious moderation without skimping out on the good stuff! Besides burgers are GREAT coz their “not good for you” so I wasn’t tryna have some low fat tasteless burger lol…No sir.


HeyDoYou x Dove® Men+Care

I was more than happy to review the new Dove® Men+Care line; but I didn’t wanna do a long post listing all the stats of the product blab bla bla. Instead, I wanted to have hands on experience with the product… watch the video.

“Introduce your skin to comfort with a line of products clinically proven to fight skin dryness” 
Best scent?
The Dove® Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash, is definitely my fave! It just smells how you want a man to smell…Clean, Fresh and like a man, not the “macho” scent that other brands have, that leaves you nauseous lol.
Best lather?
It’s like zero to a hundred in like 2 seconds! Lathers quick, and it lasts throughout the entire showering process! No re-applying necessary!
Unique qualities? 
The Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash has these micro purifying grains that give you that extra clean! What I use to shower already gives me the exfoliation aspect, but I could still feel these micro purifying grains just working away!
Both products were made with MICROMOISTURE technology… Guys, I know you wanna try this.
Post-shower-soapy feel? 
N-O-P-E! No sliminess detected in either of the products!
One of the things I hate about shower gels is the soapy feel they leave behind; even if I didn’t like this new line, I’d still use it just for that clean feel. It has a great lather, and rinses off clean, and STILL leaves your skin feeling soft. Genius!
What about the Active Shower tool? 
I love it. I love how all the products work soooo WELL together! It has a mesh side for a quick lather, but still giving you that deep clean; and then you flip it over, and you get an even deeper clean!
“It was made to get a man clean… that tool fits perfectly in a man’s hand… it’s not flimsy and it lathers soo quick– D.C when asked about the shower tool.

Now for the specs:

Dove® Men+Care Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash: clinically proven to fight skin dryness better than regular men’s body wash.
• Ultra-light formula rinses easily and cleanly
• MICROMOISTURE activates when lathering
Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Wash : also with MICROMOISTURE technology, this ultra-light formula deep cleans with purifying grains, then rinses off easily for total skin comfort.
• A purifying, deep clean
• MICROMOISTURE activates when lathering
Dove® Men+Care Deep Clean Body and Face Bar : It thoroughly cleanses and rinses off easily without leaving skin feeling dry and tight like regular soap does. For total skin comfort and the refreshment you want.
• Purifying grains provide a deep clean
• ¼ moisturizing cream fights skin dryness
• Rinses cleanly
• Feels better than regular soap 
Dove® Men+Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool: works with body wash for extra scrubbing power you can’t get from just using your hands. The mesh side delivers the perfect amount of thick cleansing lather, and the scrub side helps exfoliate for a deeper clean.
• Build the perfect amount of lather
• 2 levels of scrubbing power
• Easy to grip and easy to hang
Overall , I think Dove® Men+Care is the solution to every man’s skincare needs as far as getting clean is concerned!


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She’s the baddest. Do you even need a reason? The best part is that she still uses myspace ^_^  She is really a Virgo and I can tell just via her Tweets. Get at her.

I go by the name of Jackee Yo. I am an forever changing/learning Muslim. Allahu Akbar! However, I keep my spirituality and lifestyle separate. Raised in the good ol’ 11203; aka Brooklyn. But I’ve learned alot in Toronto, Canada; where I currently am enrolled in full-time education (1 MORE YEARRR!!) and a part-time supervisor that pays the bills pretty well. Once upon a time, I didn’t think it was possible, but I don’t leave anywhere without my Blackberry(thanks Shafajoy). I listen to mad mixtapes, hip-hop and r&b and reggae songs. I have a very eclectic taste in life. Straight Virgo traits. 2oo8 was a beautiful year, ups and downs but it was in Allah’s will. Only He will know what the future holds for us. If you don’t already have it, hit me up on aim Ladyj2317 or follow me on twitter @iheart_jackeeyo

the Kimora Lee of Brooklyn… interesting



I went to my very first GenArt event last night and had a blast. I met all kinda fashiony folks.

The frenzy called the Red Carpet

For the last 13 years, Gen Art has produced its fall Fresh Faces in Fashion, and more recently its spring New Garde events, which are a kind of coming-out party for fashion’s debutantes, and which give emerging designers a chance to debut their collections to media and buyers. Showing at Gen Art can launch careers. How fashionably fun LA can be! 

The venue was stunning and surprisingly large, the fashion was poppin, the complimentary wines were pouring and I said a courteous and quick hello to Miss Amber Rose herself. 

 LMAO at the PR girl who thought my friend Q was Ron Artest LOL… wow. I look so little lol

Here were my favorites of the night.

Michelle Chaplin of Smoke and Mirrors

Stylist Misty Casseus

Kinya Clairborne (left)

Rebecca Lee and Melanie Lee are totally cute and fashionable sisters 

We weren’t allowed to take photos with her but there are plenty of them online.  She’s totally cute and smaller in person than I thought. Her outfit was.. okay.

Jen Egan of GenArt LA x Amber Rose

More event pics on JustJared and WireImage