Posts Written On March 17, 2010

What to wear for a party this spring…

Hi everyone!
Sorry that it has been so long since I last blogged, but I am back and strong even though I have so much to attend to right now. Anyway, to the point, I can tell you what you’re going to see me wearing for a spring party. White dresses are the biggest trend in Scandinavia right now, and I think it’s a perfect as a change to the little black dress. For your hair: braids are everywhere! It doesn’t matter how you wear it so just use your creativity! You remember the old wise trick that goes: decide what you want to focus on doing your make-up; eyes or lips? It’s not gonna hold for the new season! For daily life – don’t do this unless it REALLY works, but if you’re going to a party – Go ahead and let your inner make-up artist free. Personally I’m gonna do the beautiful coral/red lip look with sexy smokey eyes.
Go ahead and have fun this Spring!

HCB #6: Lasagna Tart?

It was cold and wet outside, and after skipping over puddles on my way home from class, I was kinda starving… okay I was really starving lol, yes I admit, I’m guilty of sometimes skipping breakfast *ugh* Anyway, I wanted something warm and hearty, but not heavy. So I went with a classic Italian dish; Lasagna.


Pause. I know what you’re thinking; lasagna is pretty friggin’ heavy, but I was determined to make a healthy TASTY lasagna. I decided to leave out the béchamel sauce, but I was confident it would be yummy all the same. And because I always like to keep things interesting, I decided to do a lasagna tart! 

it’s a beast! Lol
The ingredients:
Fresh marinated Groud beef
Home made pasta dough- for lasagna pasta sheets
Low-fat Ricotta cheese
Marble cheese
Parmesan cheese
Home-made tomato sauce
Butternut Squash (I the delicateness of this vegetable) 
I seasoned my dough with some oregano for a lil more sexiness 🙂
Rolling these out was quite the work out lol, I don’t like using machines… I prefer to use my hands 🙂
circle sheets for my lasagna tart…
mmm butternutsquash!
before getting acquainted with the oven…
Next time, I think I’m gonna do something with chicken and spinach…