Posts Written On March 16, 2010

HCB#5: Lemony Vanilla LOVE

Yum and Yum!
I’m still tryna will summer as you can see… lol
Can’t go wrong with lemon and vanilla!

Lemon in everything!!

add some lemon zest to the sugar

sooo pretty…

However you want it…

lil sugar on top…

or you could have it naked…
I used a basic sponge recipe, with some of my little tricks for added moisture, and a huge dose of L-O-V-E. 
Add some zest, vanilla extract or vanilla bean, and you’ve got magic baby! The vanilla softens the acidity of the lemon, but definitely doesn’t mask it! Top it off with some icing, a lil lemon sugar or just keep it in it’s birthday suit; it’s tasty all the same 


Art Tuesdays: Installation Art

What is installation Art? It is three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space.
I love them and it always amazes me the way the minds of these artist work. I stand there with my mouth open and then I start taking photos of it to blog about. Fantastic.

Makes you think right?

On Melrose 🙂

I live for moments like this – when art makes you stop, look and think. Show me some cool art, now that’s a start 🙂

Dove® LOVE ♥

I wish you could’ve seen the excitement on my face when I saw the small white giftbag sitting on top of the concierge counter. Why was I excited? Well because the details on the label, written in bright pink were mine!
It didn’t take me long to get past the pretty pink paper encasing the surprise that awaited me! There they were, pink and shiny!
Thanks ever so much to Kat for sending over the new Dove® Ultimate VisiblySmooth™ Anti-Perspirants, I love them!

I have sensitive skin, so Dove® products are always a winner for me, but I can’t, for the life of me figure out how they keep coming out with better and better stuff! It’s hard to find a deodorant that meets all your needs, but if you’re using Dove® then you shouldn’t be having that problem.

So, to help women properly care for their underarms; Dove® anti-perspirant have also developed the PitiCure; “a new at-home beauty treatment for delicate underarm skin.” (i do it in the video above!)
In simpler terms, it is to your underarms, what a pedicure is to your feet. I LOVE IT!
Three simple steps to clean beautiful underarms!
By removing dead skin and impurities through exfoliation.
Another reason why it’s great!
♥Helps minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time. Its formula combines a Pro-Epil Complex™ with naturally-sourced extract, plus Dove ¼ Translucent moisturizers to keep us (women) soft and stubble free longer between shaves!

♥ The formula?
1. Occlusives – Help improve the condition of your skin, keeping it moisturized.
2. Humectants – Moisturize and smooth the underarm skin.
3. Sunflower Oil – An additional moisturizer that helps strengthen the skin’s moisture barrier.
There’s also the NEW Dove® VisiblySmooth™ Clinical Protection anti-perspirant ♥
A few benefits: “offering women a combination of strength and beauty!
♥ Provides clinically-proven extra-effective protection against wetness
♥ Provides 24-hour odour and wetness protection
♥ Helps minimize the look and feel of underarm hair over time with a formula containing Pro-Epil Complex™
♥ The only extra-effective anti-perspirant to include Dove 1/4 Translucent Moisturizers with Sunflower Oil to nurture and condition skin
♥ Available in Wild Rose scent
It’s getting warmer ladies, so step your pit game up, and get your armpits sexy and ready for summer!


Kia x Bebe

Hachette Filipacchi Media, Kia Motors America and bebe presented the second annual MOD: Matters On Design at the Grove Los Angeles on Saturday

Kia brought the mystique of high end fashion to the masses at The Grove Los Angeles with an experiential bebe fashion show hosted by Jessica Lowndes (CW’s “90210”) featuring a live performance by The Zodiac Show.

bebe showcased 50 of the best designs from the Spring 2010 Collection along with key looks from the bebe-Kardashians capsule collection that will hit stores in mid-April. The 4 themes throughout the show highlighted Pastels and Prints, Pin Up Girl, Rock and Roll, & Cocktail.

The Zodiac Show lead by Carmit Bachar (formerly of Interscope’s Pussycat Dolls) included aerial acrobatics, stilt walkers, world class dancing, live music and vocals.


Sona and the brand new 2011 Kia Sorento ^_^

ABOUT MOD: Matters On Design

An ongoing program created to reveal some of designs most creative forces and to assemble all design related matters such as interior, fashion, product, vehicle, as well as joining the two elements essential in all luxury, style, and technology. This will include discussions with design luminaries, exhibits, interactive lounges, and cocktail parties that will bring a synthesis of people interested and passionate about design related matters and the industry’s most creative forces.