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Christian is a Model/Recording artist; just a boy chasing after his dreams. I like that!

You have seen him recently in the event flyer for the Fuze Spring Trend Report!  See you on March 22 ^_^ 
Shannae, Christian, me!
Here we are being silly at Atelier Noir hee hee 


Home-cooking with B #2

Not having food in the fridge isn’t always a bad thing you know… You know why? Because it allows one to get really creative, and think about how one can truly satisfy one’s hunger with close to limited ingredients *thinking deeply*. This happened to me a couple days ago. I was starving, and all I had in my fridge were a couple tomatoes, half a cucumber, and some shrimp; I could’ve easily had a tomato/cucumber salad topped with garlic shrimp, but I was craving something else… I was kinda leaning towards pasta, but not out-the-box pasta… fresh, make-roll-and cut the-dough pasta…mmm. 
Gourmet shrimp pasta…

I had my first experience with fresh pasta during my training at Le Cordon Bleu, and have been hooked ever since! The pasta has a great texture and the flavour is about a million times better than out the box pasta! (also very filling!)
Now, because of my injury, I wasn’t able to do any groceries, as I soon became to loathe it after one unsuccessful attempt…There’s nothing fun nor cute about being on crutches and manoeuvring a grocery cart, so fresh pasta was an automatic choice that day… that, and I kinda dig the whole process of making it.
I took a slow stroll to my cabinet, worried that I didn’t have any flour and that my culinary dreams would be shattered lol; so you can imagine my joy when I discovered a brand new bag of flour! The rest as they say, is history…
Try it out! All you need: Flour and eggs! (I add salt to the cooking water rather than having it in the dough)

love gettin my hands dirty!
I like to let the dough rest in the fridge for about 30 min
Trim edges, fold dough like you’re making a paper fan 🙂
Cut, fluff, COOK for 10 minutes, toss in butter or olive oil, whatever you want!



Mixing the Old with the New

Thanks to Danielle from Audioblood for dropping me a note about Hi-Scores; an independent boutique record label based right here in Toronto J that was founded and is currently operated by James Trauzzi.

So seeing as the cd format is slowly on its way out, Hi-Scores primarily release limited edition vinyl and digital downloads; also focusing on releasing vinyl and digital downloads in Canada, as well as worldwide. Did you know they already have distribution in Japan and the US? Good stuff J
They kicked off an already busy year with two limited edition 7-inch releases!
SCORE001: 7-inch for Chicago’s Wolf In A Spacesuit, featuring two of their “spastic electronic-dance fuelled” tracks; “Bark of a Cedar” and “I Fee Nthg.”. However, there were only 500 copies made.
SCORE002: Hi-Scores second release comes from Toronto’s own Dinosaur Bones; featuring two tracks recorded with Jon Drew. The tracks are said to be a taste of what’s to come on the bands full length debut. 500 copies of the limited edition 7-inch white vinyl release were made available; featuring upbeat track “Royalty’ and “Ice Hotels” which shines a light on the groups’ darker side. 
Fun Fact: The Hi-Scores LP Player is Hi-Scores’ very own iPhone/iPod Touch app! In the spirit of mixing vinyl and digital music, this application looks and acts like an old record player by playing music from your iTunes library, and it even adds the signature vinyl crackling sounds over your music. It’s available on iTunes NOW for .99 cents!
ps: Future releases this year will include a 17 track digital-only EP by Wolf In A Spacesuit called Pink Slip EP AND If you purchase a copy of their limited edition 7-inch record you’ll get a digital download of the Pink Slip EP J
Have a lovely day/night wherever you are â™Ą
Ps: Dinosaur Bones will be having their Toronto 7-inch release at Steamwhistle Brewing in Toronto tomorrow!

Petite Feet Sample Sale Spring 2010

When I saw Alyssa’s list… I got so super excited! Here are some of my Spring wants from the Petite Feet Sample Sale! Nothing excites me more than shoes do… You can click to RSVP for Easter Weekend on the flyer on the right. Here we go!
Fergie Mission Slingback

BCBG Winona Bootie

Jessica Simpson – Koolia

Jessica Simpson – Ithika (omg omg omg omg)

Sam Edelman Nixie

Arturo Chiang Brina Sandal 

Can’t wait… RSVP to the PetiteFeet Sale 🙂