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Harajuku Lovers – Sunshine Cuties

I am so excited for summer in LA!  This brand new Harajuku collection is coming out just in time for Valentine’s Day and Toronto Fashion week!  Check out this cuteness… Look at their mani and pedi’s!  Look at the dope sunglasses!  You know we will most likely be doing a giveaway, so leave your comments on what your favorite summer must-haves will be!

sunshine cutie (suhn-shahyn) (kyoo-tee) n.1. A super cute, sun-loving, beach-bumming doll who would never compromise on fashion for a day at the beach!

Here they are one by one:

LOVE mixes and matches a vintage inspired one piece with modern wrap around removable sunglasses. A red Hibiscus flower is the perfect accessory to keeping her ponytail in place.

FRAGRANCE: A fruity floral
Top: Nectarine, Passion Fruit, Lemon Blossom
Mid: Plumeria, Osmanthus, Rose Petals
Base: Vanilla Orchid, Coconut Water, Sensual Musk, Sandalwood

Lil’ Angel suits up in a teeny weeny navy blue bikini scattered with sweet yellow and white hearts (showing her love for the beach)! Never without her signature headband, she dresses it with a few fragrant Plumeria flowers to channel a tropical vibe.

FRAGRANCE: A citrus vanilla
Top: Meyer Lemon, Mandarin, Touch of Blackberry
Mid: Pink Rose, Vanilla Orchid, Tropical Sampaquita Blossom
Base: Sugared Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Skin Musk, Golden Amber

Music keeps it nautical. Her navy and white striped bikini is trimmed in bright cherry red and accented with some sweet and playful bows. A red Hibiscus hair flower makes the perfect topper. Aye Aye, it’s super Hawaii kawaii!

FRAGRANCE: A sensuous floral
Top: Juicy Pear, Granny Smith Apple, Dewy Freesia
Mid: Tiger Orchid, Jasmine Petals, Honeysuckle
Base: Cashmere Woods, Creamy Musk, Precious Woods

Baby is a quintessential girlie girl in a pink on pink polka dot bikini with ruched top and string bottom. A few Plumeria flowers nestled in her hair add the finishing touch to her super kawaii ensemble.
FRAGRANCE: A dewy floral
Top: Crisp Mandarin, Wet Neroli, Bright Sunflower
Mid: White Poppy, Living Valencia, Orange Flower, Jasmine Absolute
Base: Soft Musk, Rich Vetiver, Creamy Birch Woods

Reminiscent of one of her stage costumes, G wears a tuxedo bandeau bikini top and for a pop of color, turquoise (Hello spring trend 2010!) boy short bottoms. Her sweet headband is adorned with a mix of tropical Plumeria flowers.

FRAGRANCE: A creamy musk
Top: Coconut Water, Mandarin, Bergamot
Mid: White Peach, Heliotrope, Exotic Tiare Flower, Orange Flower
Base: Vanilla Bean, Tonka, Skin Musk, Creamy Sandalwood
*for a limited time only beginning February 2010

(available at Macys, Nordstrom, Sephora,,

Good bye Alexander McQueen

Heaven just got a little more fashionable.

Alexander McQueen was 40 years old when he commit suicide just several days before London Fashion Week….

Openly gay, McQueen – who once described himself as the ‘pink sheep of the family’ – left school at 16 and went to work at Savile Row’s Anderson & Sheppard, whose clients included Prince Charles and Mikhail Gorbachev, after he saw a television program about the apprentice shortage in traditional tailoring.

He went on to work for Gieves & Hawkes, theatre’s famous Angels & Bermans costumiers, and then worked in Japan and Italy.
He returned to London in 1994, hoping to work as a pattern cutter tutor at London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins fashion school. Thanks to the strength of his portfolio he was persuaded to enroll in the course himself.

After graduating McQueen set up his own label based in the East End of London. With the launch of his ‘bumsters’ trousers with a waistband so low that the buttocks are revealed, McQueen made his label famous through tabloid headlines.

He went on to be named head designer at Givenchy in 1996, succeeding John Galliano, before joining forces with Gucci, who bought 51 per cent of his company.


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Ms Nova (aka Nova B. Rutherford) is totally fabulous. She is a Pisces <><
Full of insights and quotes that will make your day go by that much faster. Her blog will make you laugh, cry and say, “Hey! That happened to me!”. She, like I, am in LA by the way of Toronto.

“The price of success is so much lower then the price of failure.”

One of my favorites in my LA Twitter fam!


In the Biz: Ron Robinson

Tuesday’s entrepreneurship class is always a delight… engaging lectures, interactive learning and dynamic guest speakers!  I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Robinson, the president of Apothia at Fred Segal and a ‘Sartorialist’ in my books. Ferragamo Manila Sneaker Patent Calf kicks + fragrance entrepreneur who knows no bounds = super dose of inspiration.

Fly kicks

Apothia is the fusion of apothecary and utopia. Rob has been discovering brands for over 35 years.  He specializes in fragrance and style objects for the home, as well as children and men’s fashion. 

25 years ago, fragrance and skincare items were only sold at department stores, beauty supply shops and drugstores. Apothia changed all that by incorporating the ‘buy’ concept from the fashion retail world. The selective buys created a new boutique setting for unique and underground beauty brands to flourish. 

Award winning Interior Scent of the Year: Apothia Aromatic Candles

The first fragrance created by Ron is IF.  When he created this fragrance, he wanted to make sure it and it’s packaging would stand the test of time and trends and still remain relevant. It sure does. This is why he is a commercial artist. 

It comes in both pure essence and also in a eau de parfum.  Its heart notes consists of 4 white flowers with top notes of zesty grapefruit and sparkling yuzu. It is hip, fashionable and elegant. It’s simplistic, timeless and genderless. IF has unique packaging!  It is a roll on and has a silicone coating that makes it bounce when dropped.  

Apothia IF

Another great story he shared with us was for the creation of the scent Velvet Rope. The package again is brilliant in its tactile experience and visual design.

The scent itself was inspired by a very dry vanilla martini with a twist of grapefruit. A vanilla bean is dropped in the drink and the oil from the bean creates the perfect vanilla aroma in the cocktail.  This is that scent.

Ron Robinson asks: “What’s the box we create for ourselves?”  

Underground fragrance triggers imagination and is boundless in its amplification. So come and be in limbo with us between the tangible (go to Fred Segal) and the intangible (the feelings these fine fragrances evoke) where we fall in love on the wet and we buy on the dry

::Perfect Valentine’s Day present::

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