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Clinique does it again!

OK! So clearly I’m on a youth-preservation skin-care kick right now…but HOW can I resist? I’ve just turned another year older and refuse to get caught up in the effects of time, well… I plan to do my best to age a lovely as I can… and I figure any girl is right along there with me! It’s best to start young… so let’s get it!

Clinique expands their ‘Youth Surge Night Age Decelerating Night Moisturizer’ with a new night moisturizer. I could break down all of the scientific ingredients (because there are a great many) but I figure it’s probably most effective to just let you know the necessities. The proteins help to extend the functions and life of skin cells, allowing the skin to repair and restore the signs of aging; other ingredients including vitamins E and C help to fight damage from daytime exposures and boost skins natural restoring agents. This product is available for very dry to dry, dry combination, and combination oily to oily.

Another Clinique product that I’ve fallen for is the ‘Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector’… this one is a skincare breakthrough, with visible signs of improvement in as little as four weeks. This new treatment is used to clear any dark spots, sun damage, age discolorations etc, etc, etc. If you have an area of discolouration, this is the treatment… it has five brightening ingredients, totally gentle and is ideal for sensitive skin types.



Is BIGGER, better?


I don’t know about you, but this statement didn’t sit right with me at ALL! So naturally, I had to speak on it. As a young NON-plus sized woman I think it’s ridiculous to claim that only Plus-sized women can define what a woman “should” look like simply because of their size! I think it’s great that V-Magazine is embracing women of all shapes and sizes but to say Plus-sized women are what women are supposed to look like is just absurd.  smh!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with heavier women. I think that you should be whatever size you want to be as long as you make the effort to stay healthy; if not for appearance, then for a long healthy life.
I understand not wanting to “promote the wrong image” by showing “skinny girls” in magazines, ads, etc, but some girls are naturally skinny and don’t plan on or want to be plus-sized. Before society praised the “skinny” girl, now it’s the heavy set girl’s time to shine; I can’t help but find that extremely insulting. I don’t see a heavy set man on the cover of GQ or Mens Health. Society’s always encouraging men to be strong and healthy; so why do we want to play into the “weaker sex” stereotype by not doing the same thing? We can be strong, and healthy AND still have our curves. 
I totally understand where they’re coming from with this, but saying that plus-sized women define what a woman is CRAZY. Does that mean the rest of us that aren’t plus-sized aren’t women??? There are women out there that enjoy physical fitness and attaining their best body; does shopping in the petite section make her less of a woman?
A woman should care about her health, and take pride in her appearance; it’s more than just being “fat” or “skinny.” It seems society is always trying to play the two against the other, if there really is room in the fashion world for both body types then why are we still comparing the two?
Speak on it!

Story time…

Imagine if we read all kinds of history books instead of fairytales…
Once upon a time there was a King who thought his Queen was so beautiful, that he devised a very sneaky plan with one of his trusted servants. He wanted his servant to observe the Queen naked, as that would be the only way for the servant to truly see how beautiful she was,
“A man always believes his eyes better than his ears; so do as I tell you- contrive to see her naked”. His servant resisted, as he didn’t want to dispresect his Queen by seeing her naked. But he had to obey his King. So one evening, the servant hid behind the Royal Bedroom door and watched the Queen disrobe; however, as he was leaving the Queen saw him and immediately recognized him. Realizing this betrayal, she swore to have her revenge and devised her own plan.

The next day she summoned the servant to her chamber and confronted him about his dirty deed. The Queen was so angry that she forced the servant to choose between killing himself or the King as a form of atonement. Again the servant was forced with a hard decision, but did as he was told. The Queen arranged for the servant to kill the King in the same way that she had been betrayed. The plan was executed, and the servant later married the Queen; becoming King, and father to the Mermnad Dynasty.
The end!
This my friends is a perfect example of Candaulism, (except the whole killing part lol). Candaulism is a sexual practice or fantasy in which a man exposes his female partner, or images of her, to other people for their voyeuristic pleasure…as well as his own. The term is said to derived from ancient King Candaules who made a plot to show his unaware naked wife to his servant Gyges of Lydia.


Guest blogger for heydoyou – Mikaela

Hi everyone, my name is Mikaela and I’ll be guest writing on heydoyou for a little while. I have my own blog where I write about fashion and cool buys. My everyday life takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it is here i live, love and laugh. My major interests have always been fashion and music, and I hope to one day become a fashion designer. I have a strange fear of mosquitoes and I always eat around peas. Besides that I just want to say, that I’m looking forward to writing for you here, and hope you will enjoy it as well!
Mikaela – Framboise Fashion


LLadro pieces by Jaime Hayon
So seeing as I have a freshly fractured toe; I can’t really move around (doctor’s orders and it HURTS), so we’ll be getting nice and close over the next couple days ☺
I just realized I never shared the rest of my IDS 10 experience with you guys, so here’s what you missed!

I was drooling, it was just so pretty!
The Ladies Room
The Men’s Room
so comfy!
boys get all the cool stuff, and we get all the pretty stuff!
Rockin this Gucci on Ma Ducati!
I’ll take them all for my condo please!
Sneak peek into the BISHA Hotel & Residences, The new hotel come condo will be built on Blue Jays Way incorporating the former Diesel Playhouse Theatre.
The Whale Tail Piece blew me away!
Blinging fireplaces!
Told y’all I’d get in!
More Goodness here!