Posts Written On January 30, 2010

HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010

Phoebe Lo, Christine Lieu, Me, and Maggie Greyson: I’ll heart you guys forever! Room 202!
I had thee most AMAZING experience at this year’s CUTMR BIG shout outs to Maya from the Gladstone hotel for inviting me 🙂
I met some great people, and bonded instantly with others. I found some pieces that touched my heart, and look forward to working with many of the people I met.
Your city has sooooo much talent Toronto. I only hope that you can take your focus off of what lies across the border, and enjoy the variety of talent Canada has to offer.

cutest washroom ever!
better pic for y’all!

ALL made outta paper!!
just so beautiful!
Jon Keophila, Lisa Keophila, Fiona Lim Tung and me!

the artists!
The Ballroom!
ha ha ha

I’d just like to say that all of you (artists) did an AMAZING job. As Wendy Williams would say, you guys are definitely friends in my head, and if we happen to bump into each other make sure to say hello 🙂 Oh and keep on doing what you doing, coz you’re doing it oh so well!
More pics here!
HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010


IDS 10 Opening Night!

So after what I thought would be a neverending battle with my laptop, I finally managed to turn my laptop on and upload all the juicy goodness from Toronto International Design week.
If you went to any of the events this past week, then you know just how amazing everything was. But let’s talk about, IDS 10 (The Interior Design Show). One word. mmm, there are no words to describe just how AMAZING IDS 10 was.
oh how I love thee… *sigh* lol
I didn’t know what to expect as I braved the cold, and took a short walk over to the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) to attend IDS 10.
I knew I’d like it, but I had no idea just how much I’d LOVE it!
As soon as I got my pass, I got these butterflies of excitement… I had a feeling my eyes were in for quite a show.
I gotta tell you, I was really excited; I had to restrain myself from running up that escalator past the friendly volunteers and get the suspense over and done with. But I’m a lady, so I waited till I got to the top and gracefully walked off and into Interior Design Heaven!
I’d love to tell you about all the furniture I was lusting over, but why not just show you? (click album link below for more pics!)
ps: Thank you ever so much to Lauren for hooking me up with access to the whole event! I found myself walking around in awe, with my head undecided about where to look first or next! It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Can’t wait for next year!
*more sighs*
there  was some good grub going on here!
I know ALL lil boys out there would love these kinda walls in their rooms!
I know, I know, but just breathe… ha ha ha
can’t go to the motherland? bring it to ya!
soooo romantic…mmm mmm mmm I need this whole set!
I was a lil shy to get in on day one… but by day four I was ready… lol
starting at about $63,000, this one’s about $80,000+
I left feeling like I REALLY need to upgrade my condo in a major way! lol.
 Nonetheless it was a great ending to an amazing night!

More pics!