Posts Written On January 11, 2010

Short Locks ROCK!

“He likes girls with long hair” she said as she dipped the warm pita into the disgusting spinach dip. I couldn’t believe this attractive, intelligent, on-top-of-her-shit, with a dope personality young woman was speaking these words. But I TOTALLY understood where she was coming from, as I have had my own “he likes girls with long hair” “dilema” and I say “dilema” because 1) I could’ve cared less, I’m not a girl, but a woman. 2) I looked great! lol. 3) It’s MY hair *singing It’s My Prerogative my Bobby Brown*. lol. But I digress.

To my fellas, would you REALLY have a dumb, broke, broad with long hair over an intelligent, sexy, on-top-of-her shit woman, that rocks a short do? For those that said yes, I can only say Good luck lol. For the rest of you, you get 2 thumbs, and a big kiss from me for being able to recognize a true woman for who she is and not how she wears her hair.
Granted short-dos aren’t for everyone, but neither are long ones. Personally, I felt a little restricted with my long hair, plus it was time to try something new… 18 years with one hairstyle was long enough for me.
A man saying he’ll only be with a woman that has long hair, is like a woman saying she’ll only be with a six pack aka no pot bellies allowed. I’m jus saying…

Kanye likes it…

If you find you’re interested in a hair cut, but are afraid men or society won’t find you attractive or accept you, all I can say is that you should have BIGGER FISH TO FRY aka Get your mind/money RIGHT and If you and your hairstylist think you can rock it, then just do it! Besides, it grows back… So if there’s a woman out there that you’re feeling, but you feel her short hair just won’t do; dump the video girl fantasy, get outta your own way and get to know miss lady 🙂 You might find you like what she’s working with, and that, that short hair only complements the greatness that she is 🙂



If you know me well, you know I don’t like spaghetti at all. My mom told me when she use to make it, she would just give me the noodles n mix it with some white sugar just so i would eat it. How weird am i! I like other shaped pastas and bolognese but just not spaghetti. But.. If you get this for me, i might start eating it.

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ps: i love everything from WWF.. my sister got this for me last year 🙂