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I heart KidRobot and I was lucky enought to meet the president and founder Paul Budnitz in 2008. i love them creative types and im sending out to the universe right now that i want my next boyfriend to be an industrial designer and super artsy type! I want to be around someone who will push me creatively.

For 2010, I want to add more color to my wardrobe and be on the KidRobot fly! Where concept becomes culture <3 I want to buy my first Labbit this year.
and a USBoomBox


Club V

Happy Birthday to the talented and beautiful Ashley McKenzie-Barnes!
Go girl, it’s your birthday!

iluvlola so gorge!

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David Lee

I have a crush on this celebrity chef.

David Lee was born in Mauritius… which is the best-governed country in Africa according to Wikipedia.  I did some digging and it says David grew up in England and moved to Canada in 1994 at the age of 24. That makes him 40?  Aw I love him. If anyone knows him, please tell him I would love to meet me.

I love me a well traveled man! David traveled to Napa Valley, Hong Kong, Madrid, Italy and France New York in order to expand his knowledge and craft.  I have walked past his restaurant on Queen St 1000 times and I have never been there :(. Something to do for 2010!

2008 – Present Nota Bene: Toronto Co-owner/Partner Executive Chef
2006 – 2006 King West: Toronto Executive Chef Co-owner/Partner
2001 – 2009 Splendido Bar & Grill: Toronto Chef & Co-owner
1994 – 2000 Centro: Toronto Chef de Cuisine
[1987 – 1987] InterContinental Park Lane: London UK Apprentice/Commis

” I believe that a chef is only as good as his ingredients, “he says. “It’s important to choose the best seasonal product to make the most flavourful, pleasing dishes.”

I like that. Fall in love with David Lee here