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Event Round Up!!

I’ve been a busy busy Bee these past couple weeks! Between work, figuring school out, hitting up events, editing pictures, and my PSYCHO laptop; it’s been almost impossible for me to come on here.
But let me tell you, it’s been an exciting week! Especially this week!
As you know this past week was Toronto International Design Week; and my oh my, my heart melted several times during all my visits to the MANY different exhibits.

“Fashion Forward starts with Toronto couture, featuring elegant stalwarts alongside more radical designers. From there, it goes on to explore how this community’s trademark inventiveness inspires new forms of social responsiveness by highlighting sustainability, wearable tech and special needs.” all of this equals AMAZING! lol

IDS 10 Opening Night was AMAZING! pause, the whole IDS 10 event was AAAAAMAZING! It took everything in me to drool in public over the many beautiful pieces of furniture and exhibits that I came across!
Soooo many exhibitors, and ridiculous (in a good way) exhibitions. Local, International and even Student designers were present to excite us with creative pieces and mind blowing displays! Thank you ever so much to the organizers for inviting me, I had an AWESOME time.

CUTMR 2010. Oh man I don’t know where to begin with this one.  All I can say is that I was blown away by some of the things coming out of these genius minds! Phoebe, you guys made CUTMR 2010, one of my most memorable moments for 2010, and it’s only January! I want to thank you all for giving me something or rather things that touched my heart; I will treasure them and you guys forever!
Fashion Foward: Wearable Technology: So many great things going on around your city. You all need to get familiar!

Body and Objects, what can I say… it was just so AWESOME!

Kidets Launch: good people, great vibes, and an interesting story involving myself and a glass of red wine! *blushes* lol

IDS Closing Night… drool-worthy EVERYTHING!
check out all the albums for more juicy pics!


UNTOLD story of Toronto’s Couture Community

“Fashion Forward starts with Toronto couture, featuring elegant stalwarts alongside more radical designers. From there, it goes on to explore how this community’s trademark inventiveness inspires new forms of social responsiveness by highlighting sustainability, wearable tech and special needs.”

Lily Cornell’s Dome LED Dress: I LOVE IT!

I didn’t know what to expect when I attended OCAD’s Fashion Foward this past week; an exhibition emphasizing sustainability, wearable technology and special needs.
OCAD President Sara Diamond, led a very interesting panel on wearable technology; and I have to say it was exciting to see and hear the processes that went into making these articles of clothing that addressed peoples, and even animals needs and well being!

Wearable Technology? That’s all I had to hear, and I HAD to go and take a look for myself.

Fashion Forward was produced in association with the FDC ( Fashion Design Council) of Canada; in hopes to reject the cliche that clothing design is only “frivolous”.
Fashion Forward began by “sketching the untold story of Toronto’s couture community” featuring bold and radical works from local designers, i.e Hoax Couture. They then explored the community’s trademark inventiveness as the inspiration for new forms of social responsive. Wendy Traas and Susan Harris were two of the designers who firmly believe in the growing importance of sustainability in fashion.

I absolutely LOVED Lily Cornell’s LED- equipped dress! But sadly, she wasn’t in attendance to demonstrate how it lights up. I thought The Ocorant Heart Monitor vest (designed by George Brown College students) which emphasizes the more “pragmatic” side of Fashion was pretty dope. Izzy Camilleri, as well as Lida Baday and Sansu also participated in Fashion Forward

“It is brilliant on the part of curator Charles Reeve to bring about the very first fashion and art exhibit. LG Fashion Week is when fashion is at its best and most current; it is truly an honour for the Fashion Council to introduce Fashion Forward, an exhibit of sustainability and technology.”– Robin Kay (President of the Fashion Council of Canada and Executive Director of LG Fashion Week)
I just loved her hair!!
Fashion Forward Toronto addresses the futures special needs, wearable technology, sustainability and choice; all this awesomeness was curated by Charles Reeve.
More pics here!
Fashion Forward 2010

HeyDoYou x Body + Object Opening Night

“The body is perhaps today’s most ubiquitous cultural object, especially in its use to announce identity through the ever-changing landscape of apparel.”

Karina and I

As you can see I seem to have fallen completely in love this season. Maybe it has something to do with it being so cold outside, so I have no interest in partying lol. Instead, I wanna go somewhere and observe exhibitions, see people bring some ish to life. Not the same ol bottle poppin nonsese, sooooo 2008!

Any I was prvilidged to attend the opening reception of the Body and Object opening night, and was blown away by everything I saw… I know, I know, but I love art, and I LOVE LOVE seeing how people express themselves artistically 🙂

gimme gimme gimme! these are Marina Dempster’s creations!
The exhibition featured the work of 18 artists who explored the relationship between the body and the many forms in which it can ornament, present, and represent itself. You KNOW I was ALL OVER this!
The Ontario Crafts Council was a participant in this years TIDF (Toronto International Design Festival), and we were more than delighted to view their work! What an amazing idea!

supporting their city!
you’ll never look at gum the same again… dresses can come outta empty gum packets!
“Craft finds its place in this process of disclosure with work designed to adorn, protect, and even introspectively examine the body. Body + Object offers work addressing the real as well as thematic presence of the body, where traditional craft media appear in new forms and use style as a means to investigation.”
chit chattin’
“The H1N1 Bag”
Karina’s too funny! “The Gut Bag”

The exhibition includes the work of Amanda McCavour & Silke Stadtmuller / Andrea Graham / Annie Thompson / Bebhinn Jennings / Dandi Maestre / David Dunkley / Gillian Batcher / Jessica Beauchemin / Karina Bergmans / Lois Schklar / Marina Dempster / Norah Deacon, Adrian Parks & Yvonne Ng / Tanya Lyons / and Tara Bursey.
more pics here!

HeyDoYou x Body + Object Opening Night

Long overdue… for Miss Kai

ha ha ha

I know I know I know, these pictures are way over due but my schedule’s been sooo hectic, so here they are.
Yvonne, it’s always a pleasure my love! For all of you that didn’t come to wish this lovely lady farewell all I can say is that you missed out on fun times, and TONS of interesting conversation… did I mention you missed out on TONS of “I wish I could tweet that!” moments. Ha ha ha
I miss you girl, and I hope you’re doing GREAT!


my too salty dessert… ah well the wine was great!

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HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010

Phoebe Lo, Christine Lieu, Me, and Maggie Greyson: I’ll heart you guys forever! Room 202!
I had thee most AMAZING experience at this year’s CUTMR BIG shout outs to Maya from the Gladstone hotel for inviting me 🙂
I met some great people, and bonded instantly with others. I found some pieces that touched my heart, and look forward to working with many of the people I met.
Your city has sooooo much talent Toronto. I only hope that you can take your focus off of what lies across the border, and enjoy the variety of talent Canada has to offer.

cutest washroom ever!
better pic for y’all!

ALL made outta paper!!
just so beautiful!
Jon Keophila, Lisa Keophila, Fiona Lim Tung and me!

the artists!
The Ballroom!
ha ha ha

I’d just like to say that all of you (artists) did an AMAZING job. As Wendy Williams would say, you guys are definitely friends in my head, and if we happen to bump into each other make sure to say hello 🙂 Oh and keep on doing what you doing, coz you’re doing it oh so well!
More pics here!
HeyDoYou x CUTMR 2010


IDS 10 Opening Night!

So after what I thought would be a neverending battle with my laptop, I finally managed to turn my laptop on and upload all the juicy goodness from Toronto International Design week.
If you went to any of the events this past week, then you know just how amazing everything was. But let’s talk about, IDS 10 (The Interior Design Show). One word. mmm, there are no words to describe just how AMAZING IDS 10 was.
oh how I love thee… *sigh* lol
I didn’t know what to expect as I braved the cold, and took a short walk over to the MTCC (Metro Toronto Convention Centre) to attend IDS 10.
I knew I’d like it, but I had no idea just how much I’d LOVE it!
As soon as I got my pass, I got these butterflies of excitement… I had a feeling my eyes were in for quite a show.
I gotta tell you, I was really excited; I had to restrain myself from running up that escalator past the friendly volunteers and get the suspense over and done with. But I’m a lady, so I waited till I got to the top and gracefully walked off and into Interior Design Heaven!
I’d love to tell you about all the furniture I was lusting over, but why not just show you? (click album link below for more pics!)
ps: Thank you ever so much to Lauren for hooking me up with access to the whole event! I found myself walking around in awe, with my head undecided about where to look first or next! It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Can’t wait for next year!
*more sighs*
there  was some good grub going on here!
I know ALL lil boys out there would love these kinda walls in their rooms!
I know, I know, but just breathe… ha ha ha
can’t go to the motherland? bring it to ya!
soooo romantic…mmm mmm mmm I need this whole set!
I was a lil shy to get in on day one… but by day four I was ready… lol
starting at about $63,000, this one’s about $80,000+
I left feeling like I REALLY need to upgrade my condo in a major way! lol.
 Nonetheless it was a great ending to an amazing night!

More pics!