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Are You Kidding Me???? *sorry nsfw* or anywhere!!

I guess I can see how this is funny…??? I HOPE this isn’t a real commercial! I’ve always hated the pad/tampon, erectile dysfunction commercials on TV, but this one tops all of them! lol
People have these issues, I think it’s kinda f’d up to be putting them on blast on TV, never mind mocking them… What “grinds my gears” (family guy) lol, is that they only ever show sh*t like this for women, not for men. Like men don’t stink…
PUHLEASE; anyone that’s had the misfortune of being stuck in a car with her brother and his friends after a basketball game knows what I’m talkin about lol!
This gets my
foolywangery stamp of disapproval!

on a happier note… Happy Hump Day!

Sequined Blazers

I am so excited to wear my steal of a deal sequins blazer!  Say no to gentle cardigans and shawls and say hello to Glam la la!. This is such a sweet holiday addition to your closet, even your LBD approves.  Fashionistas rejoice, even Karl’s doing it.

Blazers create that amazing structure and maturity to any outfit – You can turn a sexy party dress into a sophisticated look just by adding a blazer. This is so perfect for Christmas parties and ringing in the new year! You can wear it like this.

Here are a few of my favorites:

7 For All Mankind Sequin Blazer
$495 – Piperlime
Ashish Sequined boyfriend-fit blazer
$1,020 – Net-A-Porter

Tis the season to be sequined.
Even the Hoff did it. LMAO

They are so effing expensive – on Polyvore, I found them ranging from $100-$900. OMG. Being the amazing lucky person that I am… I found this one
for a fraction of the price and just as sparkly 😀  Some kinda gorge right?

 2010 is gonna be all about these miraculous little disks we call sequins. They will be all over in various 
finishes like matte, colored, sparkly, small, big, texturized you name it. 

Get ready for the new shling. (aka: shinier than bling – i totally just made that up)

22 shopping days left til Christmas!


Make Your Exit…

“…Ambient indie rock, saxophone included… An amazing show… Also some of the nicest people I’ve ever met…” -Much Music Review
They have voices like angels… and then the instruments… Oh man… I’m in my happy place right now because of these five extremely talented twenty-something year olds!
Group Members: Jeff Buckley – lead vocals, guitar: Mike Dellios – bass: Steve Dagg – drums: Skidboot – guitar
“Make Your Exit is unlike anything you’ve heard before, yet it won’t be hard to wrap your head around… they showcased a sound that was not unlike the many collective type bands that our country has grown synonymous with… an example of art-mospheric jazz tinged brass rock culminating in a soaring climax…”It’s Not The Band I Hate, It’s Their Fans Review

I could use all kinds of fancy words, and “music lingo” to describe the awesomeness that is Make Your Exit, but I don’t see the point as their music needs no fancy words! However, I will say that their music is pretty f’n dope… the best part about it is, it’s so honest; which is hard to come by nowadays, in a time when artists are painting pretty or not so pretty pictures of life (their lives). But just because it’s not honest doesn’t mean it’s boring. Quite the opposite actually. Their sound is noisey, aggressive, but modest and sweet all at the same time!  
…if you’re looking for specific genres: Ambient/Indie/Experimental
Buy their latest release here!
Check out their myspace!

Can’t wait to see them at the Jingle Bell Rock coming soon!!
heart heart heart the KIDS track!!

Smart Shopping

With the holiday seasons approaching and all kinds of sales and deals – hold on tight to you wallet girlfriend cuz they are out to get you. I kid you not when I say i love LAMB (get it? lol)! But shoppers beware! Sales are sometimes not as good as it seems. So do your research and take your time. There is no rush. Emotional shoppers = dumb shoppers. 

For those of you who follow me know that I saw the Hip Signature Booties on sale for $100 at Nordstrom Rack in Glendale on Black Friday right?

Well they are on sale at for $395 $217.77

Then I saw these bad boys from Moschino Cheap and Chic that made my 
heart skip a beat. They were yellow heeled and grey sweatshirt material! 
How dope.

These puppies were on sale for $299.

Ummm but I am pretty sure I saw them at ShopBop for… 

Moschino Cheap And Chic
$550 $165 –

I really wanted to get them but the super long line deterred me and I think they just look too 
similar to my BCBG ones. Since I have been listening to Tony Robbins seminars – 
let me advise you against what they call the ‘urgency to buy‘. Do not make impulsive, emotional 
decisions. That’s why sometimes I call lining up to pay the cooling period. Think. If you already 
had those shoes and someone offered you cash back for those, what do you want more: the shoes 
or the cash? 

24 shopping days left until Christmas! Have fun and shop smart!

LimeCrime Makeup

O em Gee! The brainchild of Russian model, MUA, and Queen of Unicorns, Miss Doe Deere. She is 28, the creator of Lime Crime (partner with her ubercool husband) and was already featured in NYLON! Site launched Sept 2009.

I am loving this makeup line from New York called LimeCrime – I saw a @Teen_Vogue tweet about them and just the name intrigued me.. 

The blue lipstick is called.. No she Didn’t ——> loveeeeeeeeeeeessss

Then the palette, the unicorn, the names! Ohh lala! This is GLEE!