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If you go out at all in Toronto, you will know this face. He is PhotoWill!  I like this guy a lot.. he is talented, and animated.

He is always sweet, always gracious, super professional and has the heart the size of Lake Ontario + then some. 

Here is why you should follow him:
Imma joker with no talents. I dress and coordinate as if i have no electricity in my house. I drive a sexy car that no one will give a second look to. i have hair that keeps my head warm but that damn slushee will still give me a brain freeze. I rock ice like it melted. I aint cocky, but i think im real fly. I can see real well even if i have small eyes.i may be a jerk sometimes, but i have a huge a focused person but i could almost swear i have A.D.D. lmao. im an oversized midget. i love to be loved, but i usually love others more. my mind is strong, but my heart is weak. im charming but oh so damn cheesey! im as real as real gets….she’ll find that out

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