Posts Written On December 11, 2009

Maintain that ish!!

It’s that time of the year, and it’s cold as sh*t. The “clean” look is slowly disappearing, and the beards and mustaches are making an appearance…

Soft full beards. YES. Rough, uneven beards. NO SIR.
Believe me guys, this can make or break any deal; whether it be with a female/boss whatever!
So instead of approaching it as a task, look at it as mastering an art; a free accessory that can compliment your look from day to night 🙂 The best part about beards, is that any man can rock one! however it’s the ability to grow one that’s difficult…

So how to grow one?

  • Whether you wanna rock a thin beard or a full beard, it’s easy to get started; stop shaving. It’s the maintenance that hinders men from acheiving that sexy manly look. 
  • You also need to asses whether you’re able to grow an even beard, or if your beard grows “unevenly” to put it nicely…(where you look like you haven’t shaved in a couple days… in need of a shave)
  • If your goal is to grow a beard; Don’t try to sculpt and shape too quickly. Instead, watch how much growth you have in the next couple of days/weeks (about 4-6 weeks), using this as a guide for when you can start trimming. 
  • If you’re growing a beard you shouldn’t be trimming it everyday… feel me? After a few weeks you’ll be able to start shaping your beard exactly how you want it.
  • If your goal is to maintain your already full beard; regular trims using beard trimmers, clippers or an electric razor will do the trick… even scissors if you’re nice like that *wink*
I think the bosssss has a pretty dope beard!
  • From what I hear growing a beard brings along itchy/scratchy sensations as the hair gets longer; a good shampoo and conditioner as well as a good moisturizer for your skin will help soften the hair, reducing the itching. But as everyone is different some of you may not feel anything at all. But assess the kind of skin you have, start growing your beard and see where it goes!
  • Gotta have that fine tooth comb for the beginning, and a wide toothed one for that full beard! 

If after a while, you find you’re not feeling the bearded look, you can easily shave it off (CAREFULLY) or rock a goatee! Easy as pie!

this may not be your look, but his beard is on point! lol



Jingle Flowers, Jingle Flowers!

Rei Kawakubo x Barbie!

Dear Santa, I’ve been such a good girl this year… lol
Just IN TIME for the HOLIDAYS!! As much as the x-mas music is driving me crazy at work (can you believe there is a barking Christmas carol??), I still LOVE christmas! It’s a time for us to rejoice, celebrate, eat, drink and be merry! And as I’ve always been a Barbie fan (heart @heydoyou for the last Barbie post), of course I’d think this was AWESOME!

Barbie’s decked out in a sleeveless silk-lined gown, with a full asymmetric-cut skirt, from the limited edition of the Comme des Garcons Jingle Flowers print.
She recently hit stores, retaling at $450 (wowzers, worth every penny!). However, as we’re all just getting back into the groove of things, you can still get your “Jingle Flowers” swag on with other Comme des Garcons products; i.e, fragrance, Artek chairs, T-shirts and yes even wallets!
It gets better, the new box also has the Jingle Flowers print!!!
CL made you shoes, and now you got Rei Kawakubo making you dresses! Barbie, you’re living it up girl! lol
fyi: She is a limited edition and forms part of the Barbie Collector Platinum Label Collection!
fyi: She sold out in Tokyo!!


Follow – @PhotoWill69

If you go out at all in Toronto, you will know this face. He is PhotoWill!  I like this guy a lot.. he is talented, and animated.

He is always sweet, always gracious, super professional and has the heart the size of Lake Ontario + then some. 

Here is why you should follow him:
Imma joker with no talents. I dress and coordinate as if i have no electricity in my house. I drive a sexy car that no one will give a second look to. i have hair that keeps my head warm but that damn slushee will still give me a brain freeze. I rock ice like it melted. I aint cocky, but i think im real fly. I can see real well even if i have small eyes.i may be a jerk sometimes, but i have a huge a focused person but i could almost swear i have A.D.D. lmao. im an oversized midget. i love to be loved, but i usually love others more. my mind is strong, but my heart is weak. im charming but oh so damn cheesey! im as real as real gets….she’ll find that out

Follow! @PhotoWill69
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m-PIC-ing it UP!

LOVE this! I mean, of course I would! I think it’s sheer genius! ha ha ha, but seriously, I admire photographers that are able to express their talent all the while having fun.

It’s one thing to be a good photographer, but when you’re able to take something like twitter, and get it on effing vogue?! that’s pretty dope. Twitpic-ing is something we’re ALL familiar with, so I love that we can all relate to this vogue cover!

These Twitter inspired shots were taken by the very talented, American born photographer Steven Meisel, for Vogue Italia’s latest issue; rightfully rebranding the Twitpic to Meiselpic. ( I know a lot of ppl are kicking themselves wishing they thought about that! lol)

I’ll only list a few of the models as there were 20 in total… musta been fun! Agyness Deyn (LOVE!), Anna Selezneva, Viktoriya Sasonkina, Freja Beha Erichsen, Sessilee Lopez, Hanne Gaby, Kristen McMenamy, Lara Stone, Karlie Kloss, Kasia Struss, Karen Elson…
As if the issue couldn’t get any better, there are also some intimate shots taken by some of our favorite models; Gisele Bundchen, Christy Turlington, and Canada’s very own Linda Evangelista! and Steven himself of course 🙂

I see you Steven!

Heeeeeeeyyyyy Naomi!!

This is definitely one for the collection!

Have a LOVELY weekend, Meiselpic it up!