Posts Written On December 08, 2009

Not for Squares

I heart the “love collection!”

I was sitting in @CocktailsbyGateau’s bedroom the other day, and couldn’t help but admire how she’d “dolled up” the sterile white walls that these condos come with… Betty Page posters, Victorian themed chalk boards, loads of absolute fabulousness! Later that night, I couldn’t help but cringe at how bare my walls were. For someone with my type of personality I thought this was pretty weird…Apart from my work/school schedule, and the “formula”byBella poster that’s strategically placed so it’s the first thing I see when I get up, I got nothing.

I want the fairy tale!
As a teenager I loved putting up posters of all kinds of things; it was kinda like motivation, or admiration whatever lol, but I guess we all grow out of certain things. NOT. It’s time my walls got a little dirty, this sterile feel just ain’t cutting it! I did a little google’n and happily stumbled upon the Coulson Macleod Collections; “Art with attitude. Not for squares.”. Ding Ding Ding!

The canvases are printed using pigmented inks, and sealed with UV protecting varnish. If looked after correctly they could last you as long as 100 years! A definite must-have!


My love affair with Malls

During Thanksgiving Weekend, I drove down to Costa Mesa to the South Coast Plaza! Ooo it’s fancy!

This mall reminded me of my favorite Yorkdale Mall 🙂  SCP is suppose to be the 3rd largest mall in US, the biggest being Mall of America in Minnesota (I’ve been there too ^_^).  Earlier this year, I got to go to the biggest mall in Canada too! That would be the West Edmonton Mall of course.

Mom & I at West Edmonton Mall

I love malls, they are my second home! For those of you who don’t know, My very first job was at Fairview Mall at the the ice cream boutique Laura Secord!  This was 10 years ago… and I was only 15!  I wish I had photos. Then I went on to work retail at various clothing stores like Costa Blanca, Aritzia, Aldo, Laura Petites, Get Out Side, Pull, R2W (icon shoes) to name a few!  This probably why people always ask me for help when I am shopping; they think I work there. LOL  Well once you have worked in RETAIL you have that persona and awareness that never goes away. I love working retail! It gives you amazing experience, discounts and mall perks – I highly recommend it as a job while you are in school!

Shopping in Orlando

When I walk into a mall, I just feel amazing!  This is probably why I got an A in my Consumer Behavior class at FIDM right? In California, like Florida, there are a lot of outdoor malls – I like them!  The layouts of these malls are more like stores in one centralized area.  They just built one in Toronto called Shops of Don Mills . I wonder how they will do during the snowy months…A lot of ‘firsts’ are opening there including Murale, Anthropologie. The lovely girls over at coco&lowe wrote about the Murale opening here.

Outdoor malls like Americana and the Grove are my favorite places to go in LA to get a sense of community feels. Do you like outdoor malls? I like them but they are more of a ‘market place’ to me. I grew up being used to a mall as a big building where there is a food court and movie theater attached to it. Nevertheless, if it’s a mall – I will love it, whatever the format.

Janice and I at Glendale Americana
Janice and I on 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica
Neil and I at the Grove

I love malls and they can be overwhelming during the holidays so make sure you go during the week, avoid weekend, drink plenty of water, leave your coat in the car and go with your besties!  Where is your favorite time to shop? Recession or no recession, they are not selling things – they are selling optimism and I’ll take 2. Thank you!

Happy Shopping!