Posts Written On December 07, 2009

Sequined Shorts x Hareem

The sequins saga continues here at HeyDoYou! Shorts & Hareem pants are also going Shling-y.

Patricia Field

I think shorts are hot and very easy to pull off. Whether they are hot pants or regular shorts – wear some sheer black pantyhose with them and you are good to go. If you are going nude, i’d say nude fishnets with small holes is the way to go. So here are my picks amongst the million out there.

Shling Shorts

Miss Selfridge
And some Hareem pants from TopShop for $91 each.
I want sequins shorts!! I’d wear it like this

Totelly FiDM

FiDM has a tote bag design contest for a chance to win $1000!  I probably should have read the contest rules before I designed this… and … I’m not eligible for the contest cuz I am not in high school. BOO.  The idea here is to throw something into the bag from every major offered at FiDM – digital media, textile, jewelry, apparel, interior, footwear, beauty etc…
Oh well, hope you like it!

Jus throw it in the bag