Posts Written On December 02, 2009

Are You Kidding Me???? *sorry nsfw* or anywhere!!

I guess I can see how this is funny…??? I HOPE this isn’t a real commercial! I’ve always hated the pad/tampon, erectile dysfunction commercials on TV, but this one tops all of them! lol
People have these issues, I think it’s kinda f’d up to be putting them on blast on TV, never mind mocking them… What “grinds my gears” (family guy) lol, is that they only ever show sh*t like this for women, not for men. Like men don’t stink…
PUHLEASE; anyone that’s had the misfortune of being stuck in a car with her brother and his friends after a basketball game knows what I’m talkin about lol!
This gets my
foolywangery stamp of disapproval!

on a happier note… Happy Hump Day!

Sequined Blazers

I am so excited to wear my steal of a deal sequins blazer!  Say no to gentle cardigans and shawls and say hello to Glam la la!. This is such a sweet holiday addition to your closet, even your LBD approves.  Fashionistas rejoice, even Karl’s doing it.

Blazers create that amazing structure and maturity to any outfit – You can turn a sexy party dress into a sophisticated look just by adding a blazer. This is so perfect for Christmas parties and ringing in the new year! You can wear it like this.

Here are a few of my favorites:

7 For All Mankind Sequin Blazer
$495 – Piperlime
Ashish Sequined boyfriend-fit blazer
$1,020 – Net-A-Porter

Tis the season to be sequined.
Even the Hoff did it. LMAO

They are so effing expensive – on Polyvore, I found them ranging from $100-$900. OMG. Being the amazing lucky person that I am… I found this one
for a fraction of the price and just as sparkly 😀  Some kinda gorge right?

 2010 is gonna be all about these miraculous little disks we call sequins. They will be all over in various 
finishes like matte, colored, sparkly, small, big, texturized you name it. 

Get ready for the new shling. (aka: shinier than bling – i totally just made that up)

22 shopping days left til Christmas!