Posts Written On November 2009

More than a Game

I am surprised I haven’t heard more buzz about this movie coming out!  I thought you guys would be all over this considering all the drama about his supposed groupies. Whether you are a basketball fan or not, this is a fascinating documentary about Lebron James and the story of how a game changes the lives of so many talented athletes.  Watch the trailer here! Have a nice weekend everyone!


No Impact Man

I am always on the look out for great documentaries and educational stuff to watch. This is my version of ‘reality’ tv. See what you think:


The MP

Now before you go accusing me of trying to force you guys into wearing make-up, just give me a chance to tell you about this product! lol
If you have a scar, blemish or any “imperfection” on your face, and have always wanted to improve or even remove it, wouldn’t you wanna know about a product that’s not only good for your skin; but one that also conceals “imperfections”, all the while enhancing your appearance? If you answered yes, then keep reading. If not, keep reading anyway!
They call it the “Men Pen… the men’s cosmetic concealer stick…”

It’s specifically designed to conceal problem areas such as acne, blemishes, rough spots, dark circles and even scars. The Men Pen comes in 17 shades, so there’s definitely one for everyone… I hope. Test it out and let me know! Can be used daily or on days when you just need that lil touch-up!

before and after shots (acne)
before and after shots (redness)- looks good
Can be used to conceal acne, for mole coverage, to cover pigment damage, scar repair, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Visit the website here!



When I first saw this story all I could think was Data from Star Trek… and now I think “O.M.G!!!” Le Trung, a chemist graduate from York University has created Aiko, Canada’s first full-functional female android! With the B.R.A.I.N (Biometric Robot Artificial Intelligence Nervous) system, created by Mr. Le, Aiko can speak Japanese and English, respond to questions verbally with over 13,000 sentences, learn simple information and respond to touch via sensors on her silicone skin. This droid can mimic pain and is developed with the ability to recognize pain and avoid it!

Le Trung and Aiko were at the Ontario Science Centre’s Robot Games event on Saturday November 21st.


Happy Thanksgiving!

This year, Thanksgiving is just me and the pooch! He didn’t get me anything but I know he is thankful for me. I got him the Ruffian-Chicken-Dog-Toy. I am thankful for everyone who has supported my journey to the crazy city of LA and of course everyone who reads the blog!

you can get it here
and here’s a lil something for y’all!

Thicker than a Snicker?

For all you ample and curvaceously blessed women I have something for you that’ll make you happier than the day you discovered that really sexy bra that didn’t kill your shoulders, or suffocate your breasts! 
They say it’s almost impossible to find a chic dress that’s comfortable and compliments a curvy womans’ shape, but I say there’s no such thing as impossible! That doesn’t mean you should go squeezing into something that was made for a girl with no booty, hips, and tits. There are tonnes of elegant, sexier optipns that will sit nicely/comfortably on your hips 🙂
That’s where Toronto based fashion showroom and weboutique Lola & Gigi come in. They understand that every girl/woman curvy or not, needs a look that makes them glow. They bring quality, and stylish clothing to women sizes 12 to 24. They also offer expert style advice, providing women with the support they need to love and rock their curves with Pride! 

Lola & Gigi x Stella & Dot Present the Rock Your Frock Shopping Event!

“Lola & Gigi abounds in infinite and wonderful wardrobe possibilities”.– doesn’t that just sound like somewhere you wanna be?!
The Mission? To help curvy women find a complete chic holiday look.

Lola & Gigi and Stella & Dot will help curvy women rock their frocks and sparkle from head to toe, providing a holiday look for every personality! While Laura Caravaggio provides clients with customized fitting and individual style advice; independent Stella & Dot Stylist, Shelley Inglis will be pairing statement necklaces, earrings and bracelets from the Stella & Dot collection with selected Lola &  Gigi frocks. It’s gonna be magical! 

And just when you thought it couldn’t get better…They also have SHOES!! whether you’re looking for a kitten heel or flirty pump, look no further; Lola & Gigi provide shoes from Barefoot Tess in sizes 11 to 15.
So where and WHEN is all this magic happening??
This Saturday at the Old Mill Inn and Spa: The Drawing Room!
21 Old Mill Road
10 AM – 6 PM.
ps: Fans of Stella & Dot include Paris Hilton, Debra Messing and even Oprah!! 
If your curvy and looking for a holiday outfit that’ll make you sparkle and feel fabulous, this event’s for you!

See you there!