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Proper grooming (for both men and women) is high on our list here at HeyDoYou; you can see evidence of this simply by scrolling down. lol

Now guys I know lip-gloss, and eye-shadows aren’t really your thing (or not *wink wink*), so I’ve decided to commit to providing you with some “manly” content every Friday. It’s right before the weekend so you can get your weekly dose of grooming tips, latest fashion trends, and everything “MEN”.  As well If there’s anything you’d like to see featured on a selected Friday, please feel free to Hollaaaaaaaa!
So to kick this off, I thought I’d introduce you to the latest in Mens Shapewear. “It’s the collection of slimming underwear that accentuates a man’s body.”

Form Trunk with Shaping Waistband by 2(x)ist
“Cutting Edge Style. Comfort. Impeccable fit. Look instantly toned…It’s the collection of slimming underwear that accentuates a man’s body.”

A stretch cotton, men’s shaping trunk designed to improve posture and smooth the waist. Benefits? Creates a sleeker silhouette as well as offers back support! Cost? $24
For the gentlemen who prefer briefs to boxers, I give you…
Form Contour Pouch Brief with Shaping Waistband

All the same features and benefits as the boxers, except of course these are briefs and they only cost $18.

Trade your basic long sleeve under shirt for the:
Firm Control Shapewear Long Sleeve Tee by Equmen

“With temperature control, Equmen provides the ultimate comfort and fit. Every man, every day, every wear.”

This tee is designed to deliver “a streamlined look by supporting, energizing, and conforming to a man’s body.”
It shapes your stomach, abs, chest and even your arms!
The specs:
Seamless, stretch nylon blend
Targeted, breathable mesh
Benefits? Improves posture and supports core muscles, and it’s also tagless for your ultimate comfort! Cost? $109 PERFECT for Winter!
I have you covered for the summer months too!

Firm Control Shapewear V-Neck T-Shirt by RIPT FUSION
This Body-sculpting tee offers shape and smoothness from chest to hips. It’s made of 100% soft cotton with a firm control panel, and the best part? It doesn’t stick to your clothing!
Benefits? Won’t roll up. Moisture-wicking helps keep you feeling cool and dry. AND it’s PERFECT for Layering… tis the season! Cost? $58
Last on today’s list;
Firm Control Shapewear Tank Top by Equmen
“Every man, every day, every wear.”
These are perfect for the warmer months and they offer the same benefits as the Firm Control Shapewear Long Sleeve Tee! All the same benefits and features and it only costs $89.
Get em all here!
Have a great weekend!

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