Posts Written On November 24, 2009

RAW minerals

I have blogged and tried a few mineral makeup brands in the past and most recently, I received a trial from the good people over at RAWminerals via @ibinc.  So excited 🙂 

The kit comes with everything you need to create a perfectly ‘natural’ look and I was surprised at the level of coverage! I was a little bit skeptical at first and thought, oh I have to use my favorite concealer at least right? BUT I watched the DVD (looks like a shopping channel demo) and decided to give it a shot. Did you know that mineral makeup has natural SPF. Yay! I didn’t want to post this ‘no-makeup’ before pic of me… >_< but i just have to to show you what a dramatic difference it makes! All in the name of authenticity. *sigh*. I love the sunkissed glow it gives me.  I used the Active mineral foundation in Medium 1, Mineral Glow, Active Veil SPF 18 + Smashbox lipgloss.

what do you think?
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If you want to be inspired by Toronto’s own ‘Brand Architect’ – he’s your dude.

I took this from his Facebook: About me….hmm…man…I’m just that dude…passionate as hell about my friends, my family, and my goals. I give a large amount of credit to my parents who knew to raise me with the kind of mental toughness I would need in order to make something of myself in this uneven world we live in. It’s almost like feeling as if I have this protective shield around me that keeps me strong against, evil doers, haters, backbiters etc. If you know me, you know I’m driven, driven as hell…A busy dude, always working on new ideas, trying to carve out a niche for myself. At the end of the day I’m about connecting with like minded individuals – people that are about something, people that want to advance themselves and their careers. It’s all about the laws of attraction – I’m a firm believer that if we all profess and put forth the vibes and feelings of what we want to achieve, we will, no doubt, end up connecting with those that can help us manifest and achieve those things. Guess that’s why you’ll always see me articulating and marketing the things and people I associate with.

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RIP Jacksoul

Haydain Neale was 39. He was the Juno Award-winning lead singer of Jacksoul. He died of lung cancer. The popular Toronto-based singer had spent the last two years undergoing extensive rehabilitation and therapy after a serious traffic accident. 

In August 2007, a car collided with his Vespa scooter, leaving Neale in a coma with head injuries.

His rehabilitation was slow but steady. Over the last six months, with the support of his wife Michaela, daughter Yasmin, and bandmates, Neale was able to finish production on the album he started almost three years ago.

Why is everyone dying? Life is precious and never ever wait on your dreams and let someone tell you no.