Posts Written On November 17, 2009

Eat – MILK

One of the yummiest places in the world to indulge your sweet tooth. I know what Jackson would say about this (you shouldnt be eating that!!) but I think it’s okay once in a while. Just not every single day. I discovered this place while interning   and we got to order something for lunch. Little did I know this place is just heaven. So I just had to stop by to take a look! It’s has desserts of all kinds and even sandwiches and lunch food.

I got the Banana Nut Milkshake but I only drank 1/5 of it.. Way too yummy for my non-working out body.

How cute, homemade ice cream!
the minis!
none for Santa, all for me ^_^

If you are in LA and want to seriously indulge, you are read MILK review here and check out their website here