Posts Written On November 10, 2009

Black Eyed Peas – Meet me Halfway

How amazing are those gold glasses and then the space elephant and the ethereal Fergie. And the pointy finger stick???? I love! I honestly love this song and BEP is doing their thang. They are one of the only groups that have progressively gotten better and better. They put pop in hip pop and made music ‘fun’ again. I am watching the video for the first time as I am posting this. That’s how excited I am about it!

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Fred Segal – Studio Beautymix

The beauty section of Fred Segal has an impressive range of products, special selection of exclusive brands and an inviting atmosphere. When you enter to beauty section, there is a extensive fragrance collection and numerous extravagantly wrapped soaps, lotions and all things wonderful. 

I have not heard of most of these brands; they are very boudoir and mostly organic. One of the brands that stuck out to me was the Crazy Sticks. They are solid perfume in a stick and their collection is extensive. With scent stories like Russian leather, vanilla, elemi crystals, ozonic flower and cedar – these ‘caress-like perfumes’ are free of paraben, alcohol and coloring agents. The rich marketing stories that come along with each sent is as rich and multi layered as the fragrance itself. There was marketing material provided in mini booklets under the product which was very helpful. One of the items included in the promotional material included a free gift, a Crazy Stick holder. So yummy, and so cute!

Towards the back of the store, color cosmetic brands like Stila, Smashbox took stage left. The center display was of Orlane and La Mer. Towards the right of the store it featured a beautiful rainbow display of custom skin care line that are packaged syringes.  There was also a section for Dianne Brill, a vintage style color cosmetic brand with catchy names and beautiful products. Miniature lipgloss in a truffle box, and cute names like ‘panties in a bunch’ and ‘fresh water pearl foundation’ make this line memorable, fun and reminiscent of old Hollywood glam.  

The other brand that stood out to me was mojo cosmetics. The packaging is very industrial, silver and shiny in bullets.  It has an old school war-time feel with ‘propaganda style’ advertising. These brands are off the chain and very niche.. Not your everyday Sephora brand, ya dig? 🙂

Fred Segal has a beauty niche filled with little-known brands and invites shoppers on a journey to discover their new must-have products.  Check it out here.

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