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God Save America?

I was thinking about something I had heard a Canadian Dj say on the radio the other day; I found it amusing that she wished everybody a Happy Super Bowl Sunday… Yeah I thought the same thing too… unless there’s a Super Bowl that happens in November, I don’t think so lady. She quickly realized her error; what she meant to say was something in reference to the Grey Cup… wonder where her mind was at! lmao . Unfortunately, she’s one of many that’s fallen subject to this “U.S.A Bug.” I’ll only give a few examples as this isn’t some kinda callin out session, it’s merely an observation… But I’m sure that by #3, you’ll be convinced that there seems to be some kind of obsession with the U-S of A.
Alright # 2:

Anyone remember when N.E.R.D introduced their newest member; 25 year old Canadian Native (Guyana born) Rhea on Much on Demand? Yes? Then you’ll also remember how she said she was so excited to be performing at the American Airlines Centre… say what now?

2:50 mark: I guess anyone could mix em up right…

How many of you (wherever you’re from) have witnessed someone put on an “American” accent? This normally happens when they’re around Americans; almost like they feel they have to talk that way for Americans to understand them. lol. The worst is when YOU KNOW that person doesn’t speak that way. For those that have been lucky enough to miss this occasion, I’m sure you’ve come across the bootleg Jamaican accent aka Jafaikan, but that’s for another day.

I thought very hard about listing my #4, but as he is loved in Canada, and worshiped in Toronto lol, I think not. Soooo I’ll just leave that one alone ha ha ha
A Canadian opinion poll by
Environics Research asked 2,001 Canadians 15years old and up questions about how they see their role, and Canada’s role in the world. 15% of Canadians polled said they would give up their vote in the next Canadian election to vote in the next American election. lol Smh. 46% said the results of the 2008 American presidential election mattered a great deal, 35% said they mattered somewhat, and 8% said the results didn’t matter. Other polls found that if Obama had been a candidate for Prime Minister of Canada in the recent Canadian federal election, more Canadians would have chosen Obama than any other candidate, including any of Canada’s current federal party leaders. Whoa!
I don’t think there’s anything wrong with identifying with another culture, but putting up a front is whole other issue lol. I left my birth country (Zambia) when I was 10years old, and grew up all over the world including the U.S, before moving to Toronto 5 years ago. I wouldn’t say I have an African, American or Canadian accent, although when I moved from Ohio it was pretty thick lol. And I wouldn’t say I was American or Canadian either; I’ll always believe I’m African first, it doesn’t matter how short my time spent there was. I may identify with “Western” culture as it has been the norm for as long as I can remember, but I treasure my African tradition dearly. I don’t see the need to “put on” an accent for anyone, I’m yet to see an American change their accent to be understood… the most they’ll do is add some sign language to help you understand. I’ve heard so many Canadians say people have to go to the “states” to get “big”= famous; In a country with soooo much talent and resources, I found this quite disheartening.
Why aren’t Canadians as excited about Canada, as they are about America?
FYI I’m not judging anyone that’s fallen subject to this “bug”, but if after reading this you feel a lil “uncomfortable” *ahem guilty* it’s all good but I strongly suggest rethinking the whole thing…you need a cure my friend. 🙂


“Amidst juicy and dynamic pop songs, Oh No Forest Fires find a home for epic post rock guitar frenzies. With too-catchy-too-be-true choruses tying the beautifully messy songs together, anything can happen while the four piece is on stage.”
Ask them what they sound like, and they’ll tell you, “The sounds we make are almost entirely made with a combination of musical instruments and voices.” ha ha ha, how can you not love these guys! Otherwise, they may tell you like they told blogTO, that their sound is “guitared”.

Rajiv, Brock and Matt are Toronto’s very own Indie Rockers; Oh No Forest Fires (or ONFF) and for the past year they’ve been heating up rock clubs and festivals all over the country!

“The debut EP from this Toronto 4-piece is like a sugar-coated buzzsaw – all raw energy and cutting edge, mixed with a powerpoppy melodic sense.” ~ Adult Contemporary Essentials (UK)
I thought this part of their herohill interview was kinda funny 🙂
3. What’s your favorite thing to do to pass time on the road?
We have a few.
b) “Sweatbox” – This is only really fun to play in the summer. You roll up all the windows, and turn the heat on bust. It gets REALLY hot, in fact once we actually kind of broke the heater in my car. Anyways. First person to roll down the window or take off a piece of clothing loses. The best part is, we’re all so stubborn that people will try to rig up fancy loopholes instead of just losing- for example, last time Brock rigged up his hoodie so the arms hung down to the floor and he was breathing through that so he could get some “cool air”. Pretty awesome.

d) “Cartoon TV Theme Songs” – Matt has a folder in his ipod of just cartoon theme songs (sometimes we just do TV theme songs altogether, but the cartoon ones are the BEST) and he’ll randomly put them on and whoever guesses the song first wins. This is an awesome game. I particularly love the string intro to Pinky and the Brain, and the bass octaves at the start of Ducktales.

“It should be fairly obvious to anyone who listens to The War on Geometry that Oh No Forest Fires is onto something, possibly something big… [it is] one of the outstanding Canadian EPs” ~
Now I won’t be playing Sweat Box any time soon, but I can definitely appreciate how fun loving they are!
As you can see, these guys are in the business of enjoying life; in a time where musicians are consumed with all the “benefits” that money/fame can bring; it’s refreshing to see a couple of really talented guys who are steadily on the rise but still sticking to the script. And that’s delivering good music that’s more than just high fashion music videos with fancy cars, and the best part? They’re having a great time doing it!
Combining rock and roll with sugar coated pop can be pretty challenging I imagine, but ONFF manage to do it in a fun and seamless way. If you’ve been to rock shows in Toronto, chances are you’ve come across or even heard this explosive trio, that is Oh No Forest Fires. I will be seeing them perform live for the first time next month, and I have to say I’m pretty excited!
Check out their myspace, and make sure you get The War on Geometry!

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Get to Know – Adele

I fell in loveeee with this woman and her music last year when I visited my family in England for x-mas and Mum told me of her new ‘obsession with a local star’! Adele is only (just turned) 19 years and is KILLING the international charts with her jazzy, acoustic sound and mind-reading lyrics, how can you help but relate? Below are a few of her videos *Cold shoulder is one of my favorite songs of all time*, take a listen and let us know what you think! xoxo

right as rain

cold shoulder

Make You Feel My Love

‘Daydreamer’ on the BBC